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Oregon Contractor Licenses

Oregon has different Boards and Divisions in charge of issuing contractor licenses. The Construction Contractors Board manages the licensing process for construction licenses. Besides providing code development, the Building Codes Division deals with individual and business licenses in the construction industry. The Landscape Contractors Board issues all licenses related to landscaping contracting. The Department of Environmental Quality administers the licensing process for the Asbestos and Hot Oil Tank licenses. Finally, the Office of State Fire Marshal is responsible for managing all Liquefied Petroleum Gas licenses.

Apart from the already mentioned agencies, Oregon has another division for apprentices. The Bureau of Labor & Industries offers several apprenticeship programs for applicants interested in jumpstarting their construction careers. Oregon Apprenticeship Programs require candidates to meet several requirements and complete an application process.

Most Oregon contractor licenses require candidates to take and pass examinations as part of the application process. PSI© is the company responsible for administering most of the examinations required for getting an Oregon contractor license.

Below is a list of Oregon's licenses and apprenticeship trades, and their requirements, exams, books, and classes needed to succeed in the application process.

All Phase Landscape

Perform all work related to landscaping


Prepare land for and plant trees; remove grind stumps and guy limbs

Asbestos Abatement Certified Supervisor

Supervise all activities related to asbestos abatement projects

Asbestos Abatement Certified Worker

Enclosure, remove, or handle asbestos-containing material

Asbestos Abatement

Contract for projects on asbestos abatement-containing material with the potential of releasing asbestos fibers into the air

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Business (BB)

Engage in the business of installing and repairing boilers, pressure vessels, and pressure piping

Boiler Business and Electrical (BE)

Make electrical installations and perform work on boilers, pressure vessels, and pressure piping

Boiler Business and Limited Maintenance Specialty (BH)

Boiler installation/repair; maintenance of junction boxes and lighting fixtures

Boiler Class 1 Trainee/Helper (CL1)

Carry out mechanical work on boilers under the supervision of a licensed contractor

Boiler Class 2 Pressure Vessel Installer (CL2)

Non-welding installation and service of unfired pressure vessels

Boiler Class 3 Service Mechanic (CL3)

Boilers, non-boiler external piping, and unfired pressure vessels

Boiler Class 4 Boilermaker (CL4)

Boiler and pressure vessel installation through welding or other methods

Boiler Class 5 Pressure Piping Mechanic (CL5)

Work on pressure piping, boilers, pressure vessels, and cast-iron sectional boilers

Boiler Class 5A Process Piping Mechanic (CL5A)

Fabricate and alter B31.3 process piping

Boiler Class 5B Refrigeration Piping Mechanic (CL5B)

Fabricate, install, alter, or repair B31.5 refrigeration piping

Boiler Class 6 Welder (CL6)

Welding work on boilers, pressure vessels, and pressure piping under an approved welding employer

Boiler Inspector

On-site inspection of boilers and pressure vessels

Boiler Operator Apprenticeship

Operate automatically fired boilers in buildings and industrial plants

Bricklayer and Masonry Restoration Apprenticeship

Build structures using concrete, concrete blocks, bricks, and natural/artificial stone

Bricklayer Apprenticeship

Brick, cement, cinder blocks, stone or marble constructions

Building Official (BO)

Oversee and enforce the state’s building code

Cabinet Maker Apprenticeship

Fabricate and assemble cabinetry, shelving, doors, window frames, staircases, among others

Carpenter Apprenticeship

Build and remodel all types of wood structures

Caulker Apprenticeship

Restoration, waterproofing, and caulking of masonry buildings

Cement Mason Apprenticeship

Concrete preparation, pouring, repair, and finishing slabs, steps, wall tops, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, paving

Commercial Building Energy Analyst Apprenticeship

Evaluate and optimize the energy-efficiency-related performance of commercial buildings

Commercial Developer (CD)

Constructs structures intended for sale in commercial properties of their own or interested in. Does not perform any construction work on the property themselves

Commercial General Level 1 (CGC1)

Supervise and perform work on commercial structures or projects. Commercial general contractors may perform the same work as commercial specialty contractors

Commercial General Level 2 (CGC2)

All work covered by CGC1 license

Commercial Specialty Level 1 (CSC1)

Perform building work on small and large commercial projects

Commercial Specialty Level 2 (CSC2)

These contractors perform work involving one or two unrelated building trades for small or large commercial projects. Level 1 and 2 contractors can perform the same work

Construction Flagging

Direct and control traffic flow in construction zones

Drywall Finisher Apprenticeship

Joint sealing, rough spot sanding, crack filling, and other final finishing methods

Electric Motor Repairer Apprenticeship

Assembly and service of electric motors, wiring, and switches

Electrical (C)

Contract for electrical installations as a business

Electrical Meter Repairer Apprenticeship

Mechanical governors such as electric meters, gas regulators, thermostats, safety, and flow valves

Electrical Specialty Code Inspector (EI)

Inspect electrical installations and work

Electrician, Inside Apprenticeship

Repair and install wire lighting, switches, converters, and complex computerized systems of all types of constructions

Electrician, Limited Building Maintenance Apprenticeship

Electrical work of industrial plants and building systems under 600 volts phase to phase

Electrician, Limited Energy Technician Class A Apprenticeship

Work on electrical, protective, communications, and specialized control systems of less than 100 volt-amperes

Electrician, Limited Energy Technician Class B Apprenticeship

Installation and maintenance of electrical and communication systems of a maximum of 100 volt-amperes

Electrician, Limited Maintenance Apprenticeship

Electrical systems and equipments of less than 600 volts phase to phase

Electrician, Limited Residential Apprenticeship

Electrical construction work on residential structures from single-family residences to apartment complexes

Electrician, Manufacturing Plant Apprenticeship

Provide basic electrical maintenance of factories and industrial manufacturing facilities

Electrician, Renewable Energy Technician Apprenticeship

Assembly, service, finishing, and removal of wind, solar, micro-hydro electricity, fuel cells, and engine generators for off-grid systems

Electrician, Sign Erector Apprenticeship

Sign crafting using all types of materials

Electrician, Stationary Engineer Apprenticeship

Stationary engines and mechanical equipment maintenance and operation

Electrician, Substation Apprenticeship

Repair, test, and inspect electrical systems of generating stations, substations, and in-service relays

Elevator Electrical (EC)

Install and alter wiring from the load side of the main disconnecting means for the elevators

Elevator Mechanical (EM)

Elevator mechanical work

Elevator Electrical and Elevator Mechanical (EM)

Perform mechanical and electrical work on elevators

Elevator Limited Journeyman (E)

Non-contracting work of elevator mechanical and electrical systems

Elevator Limited Mechanic (LEM)

Install and repair only mechanical systems of elevator equipmen

Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship

Assemble and fix different types of lifts such as elevators, escalators, and moving walkways

Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Technology

Construct small-scale local energy projects under the energy efficiency and sustainable technology loan program

Environmental Control System Servicer/Installer Apprenticeship

Build, install, wire, and maintain environmental control systems and ductwork

Exterior Interior Specialist Apprenticeship

Interior/exterior building surfaces, acoustical ceilings, raised floors for computers, metal framing, wall partitions, and office furniture systems

Fire and Life Safety Plans Examiner (PEF)

Ensure compliance of construction plans with the Oregon Structural Specialty Code

Fire Fighter Apprenticeship

Fires and emergencies related to life, property and the environment

Firestop Containment Worker Apprenticeship

Install fire/smoke-stop, air movement, infectious disease control systems

Floorcoverer Apprenticeship

All types of decorative coverings in various constructions (commercial, industrial, airplanes, cars, swimming pools, etc.)

Gas Utilities Servicer Apprenticeship

Install, examine and service gas meters, regulators, pipelines, thermocouples, thermostats, and valves

General Journeyman Electrician (J)

Install electrical systems under the supervision of a General Supervising Electrician (S) or a Limited Supervising Electrician (PS)

General Supervising Electrician (S)

Design, supervise and sign all permits related to electrical work

Glazier Apprenticeship

Prepare and assemble different types of mirrors, glass, windows, and aluminum doors

Grading/Paving Operator Apprenticeship

Operate bulldozers, trench excavators, paving machines, pick-up machines, paving and motor graders, and backhoes

Heat and Frost Insulator and Asbestos Worker Apprenticeship

Isolate pipes, tanks, boilers, ducts, refrigeration equipment, and any other equipment that requires temperature contro; remove asbestos-containing materials

Heating Oil Tank Service Provider

Service underground heating oil tanks

Heating Oil Tank Services Supervisor

Directs and oversees work performed on heating oil tanks

Home Energy Assessor Certification

Assign home energy performance scores to residential buildings

Home Energy Performance Score (HEPSC)

Authorizes a firm to issue home energy performance scores

Home Inspector Certification

Inspect and report the conditions of residential structures

Home Inspector Services (HISC)

Engage in the business of inspecting residential buildings

Home Services (HSC)

Offer services related to the maintenance of components in residential structures

HVAC Fitter

Perform liquefied petroleum gas-related work on HVAC systems

HVAC/R Technician Apprenticeship

Installation and repair of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment

Hydro Journeyman Power Plant Mechanic B Apprenticeship

Control systems in charge of generating and distributing electric power

Internal Combustion (IC) Fitter

Liquefied petroleum gas-powered internal combustion engines and systems

Industrial Instrument Repairer Apprenticeship

Repair a wide variety of instruments (medical, musical, watches, clocks, industrial, measuring)

Industrial Instrumentation Technician Apprenticeship

Maintain and inspect electrical systems to ensure code compliance

Industrial Maintenance Machinist Apprenticeship

Set up and run equipment for precision metal part, instrument, and tool production

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Apprenticeship

Perform different duties such as pipe fitting, HVAC service, insulating, carpentry, and electrical and mechanical equipment maintenance, among others

Industrial Welder Apprenticeship

Work on metal parts and products through welding, soldering, and cutting

Instrument Mechanic Apprenticeship

Installation and service of factory equipment and industrial machinery

Ironworker Apprenticeship

Erect structural framework/aluminum fascia and place reinforcing steel for various structures

Irrigation & Backflow

Install and maintain low voltage lighting, irrigation systems with compressed air, and backflow devices, and remove trees, grind stumps, and guy limbs

Journeyman Plumber (JP)

Perform all work related to plumbing (installations, alterations, remodels) under the supervision of a licensed contractor

Laborer Apprenticeship

Perform different tasks such as clearing timber and brush, removing demolished materials, installing pipes, and landscaping

Landscape Modified

Plans and installs lawns, shrubs, vines, trees, artificial turf, landscape amenities, low voltage lighting (after 12 months of licensure)

Lead Abatement

Contract for lead abatement projects (removal, clearance, elimination), not including renovation, landscaping, and similar activities

Lead-Based Paint Inspector

Structure inspection for lead-based paint

Lead-Based Paint Renovation

Engage in the business of lead-based paint renovation

Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessor

Take soil and dust samples for the presence of lead and abatement clearance testing

Lead-Based Paint Supervisor

Supervise and conduct lead abatements and plan for occupant protection

Lead-Based Paint Worker

Perform lead abatements

Lead Inspection

Sample structures for the presence of lead for clearance purposes

Limited Building Maintenance Electrician (BME)

Repair and replace electrical appliances in commercial office buildings and buildings occupied by the State (not exceeding 300 volts to ground)

Limited Energy (CLE)

Direct, supervise and control work related to limited energy systems

Limited Energy Technician, Class A (LEA)

Installation and maintenance of limited energy systems

Limited Energy Technician, Class B (LEB)

Work on limited energy systems, not including protective signaling

Limited Journeyman Manufacturing Plant Electrician (PJ)

Assembly and repair of electrical wiring and products in manufacturing and industrial plants, under the guidance of a limited supervising electrician

Limited Journeyman Sign Electrician (SIG)

While being employed by a limited sign contractor, may install and service electrical signs and outline lighting and extend branch circuits (limited to 15 feet)

Limited Journeyman Stage Electrician (ST)

Install feeders, branch circuits, and systems used for the production of shows, not directly contracting

Limited Maintenance Electrician (LME)

Maintenance of electrical installations in industrial plants and of systems under 600 volts phase to phase in commercial office buildings and government buildings

Limited Maintenance Specialty (LMS)

Replace ballast, lamp holders, lighting fixtures, and appliances of existing junction boxes

Limited Maintenance Specialty HVAC/R (LHR)

Work on heat, power, refrigeration, and air conditioning appliances

Limited Plumbing Inspector, Building Sewer (PIS)

Inspect building sewers within five feet from the outside and the disposal terminal

Limited Pump Installation Specialty (CPI)

Pump equipment for potable water, irrigation water systems, sump pumps, effluent pumps, and groundwater pumps (residential and agricultural property)

Limited Renewable Energy (CLR)

Erect renewable energy electrical installations of 25 kva and 600 volts nominal or less

Limited Renewable Energy Technician (LRT)

Renewable energy system installations

Limited Residential Electrician (LR)

Non-contracting work on electrical installations in family dwelling units of a maximum of three floors

Limited Sign (CLS)

Sign installation if contracting as a sole proprietor and licensed as a limited journeyman, a general supervising, or a general journeyman electrician

Limited Supervising Electrician (PS)

Design, ensure compliance to code, and sign permits for electrical wiring and products installation and maintenance

Lineworker Apprenticeship

Electric transmissions and distribution lines in residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural structures

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Company License

Contract for all kind of propane and liquefied petroleum gas work

Locksmith Certification

Perform work on locks, safes, vaults, safe deposit boxes, and mechanical or electronic security systems

Machine Repair Mechanic Apprenticeship

Processing machinery, processing refinery, pipeline distribution systems, and heavy equipment

Machinist Apprenticeship

Operate and set up machine tools for the manufacturing of metal repair parts, sheet metal, steel frames, and related equipment

Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship

Activities related to the maintenance of community property

Maintenance Wireman Apprenticeship

Inspection and testing of electrical equipment in generating stations, substations, and in-service relays

Manufactured Dwelling Installer (MDI)

Manufactured dwells, cabanas, and skirts

Manufactured Dwelling Limited Skirt Installer (LSI)

Skirting, temporary steps, tie-downs, perimeter foundation supports, appliance exhaust termination, and underfloor skirting access

Manufactured Dwelling Temporary Limited Installer

Manufactured dwellings, cabanas, and skirting erection (including trailers, mobile homes, and manufactured structures) overseen by a licensed installer

Manufactured Structure Construction Inspector (MCI)

Inspects manufactured constructions to ensure compliance with the Oregon Manufactured Dwellings Installation Specialty Code

Marble Setter Apprenticeship

Hard tile, stone, and similar materials for walls, floors, ceilings, roof decks, and countertops

Master Fitter

Covers all types of liquefied petroleum gas work and piping and venting installation, and remodeling

Mechanical Inspector A-Level (MIA)

Inspect and review plans for constructions under the Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code

Medical Gas Plumbing Inspector (MGI)

Inspect medical gas plumbing following Oregon’s Plumbing Specialty Code

Meter Person Apprenticeship

Work on mechanical devices like electric meters, gas regulators, thermostats, safety, and flow valves

Meterman Apprenticeship

Mechanical regulating and controlling devices, such as electric meters, gas regulators, thermostats, safety and flow valves, and other mechanical governors

Millwright Apprenticeship

Mechanic construction of escalators, giant electrical turbines, generators, and conveyor systems

Mold Maker Apprenticeship

Operate tools needed for repairing dies, cutting tools, jigs, fixtures, gauges, and hand tools

Painter Apprenticeship

Preparation, painting, wall covering

Pile Driver Apprenticeship

Drive metal, concrete, and wood piling into the earth by use of pile-driving rigs

Pipefitter Apprenticeship

Lay out, erect and repair piping systems for providing steam heat, power, water, hydraulic pressure, air pressure, and oil


Prepare properties for and plan artificial turf, shrubs, vines, trees, and nursery stock

Plasterer Apprenticeship

Wall and ceiling finishing, masonry plastering, metal and wire lathing, and gypsum

Plumber Apprenticeship

All work related to medical gas, heating, drainage/disposal systems, pipes, fittings, and water heaters and tanks

Plumbing and Boiler Business (BP)

Allows a company to engage in the plumbing and boiler businesses

Plumbing and Boiler Business and Electrical (PBE)

A company may make electrical installations, plumbing work, and install and repair boilers, pressure vessels, and pressure piping

Plumbing and Boiler Business and Limited Maintenance Specialty HVAC/R (PBH)

Work on pipes, fittings, drainage systems, boilers, pressure vessels and piping, and heat, power, refrigeration, and air conditioning equipment

Plumbing and Boiler Business and Restricted Energy (PBR)

HVAC, plumbing, and boiler activities

Plumbing and Limited Maintenance Specialty (PM)

Advertise and offer labor in the fields of plumbing, junction boxes, and lighting fixtures

Plumbing and Limited Pump Installation (PP)

Direct, supervise, install and repair pump equipment, pipes, fittings, and plumbing-related systems

Plumbing Business (PB)

Licenses a business to perform plumbing work

Plumbing Specialty Code Inspector (PI)

Inspect plumbing in accordance with the Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code

Reciprocating Conveyor Mechanic (RCM)

Work on the mechanical portions of reciprocating conveyors

Recreational Vehicle Inspector (RVI)

Inspect on-site recreational vehicles

Residential Developer (RD)

Improves residential property with the purpose of selling

Residential Electrical Inspector (CAE)

Inspect electrical work in residential structures that follows Oregon’s Residential Specialty Code

Residential General (RGC)

Perform, supervise and/or arrange on residential and small commercial projects

Residential Limited (RLC)

Work on residential and commercial structures not exceeding $5,000 contracts and $40,000 annual volume

Residential Locksmith Services (RLSC)

Offer locksmith services such as installing, repairing, and rekeying locks, safes, vaults, safe deposit boxes, and security systems

Residential Plans Examiner (CAX)

Inspect and review plans for mechanical constructions and buildings based on the Oregon Residential Specialty Code and the Oregon Manufactured Dwelling Installation Specialty Code

Residential Plumbing Inspector (CAP)

Conducts on-site inspections of residential plumbing work

Residential Restoration (RRC)

Restore and remodel residential and small commercial buildings

Residential Specialty (RSC)

Perform one or two, or more if the contract is of a maximum of $2,500, building trades in residential and commercial structures

Residential Structural Inspector (CAS)

Inspect work regulated by the Oregon Residential Specialty Code, Manufactured Dwelling Installation Specialty Code, Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, and OAR chapter 918, Division 500

Residential Water-Heater Installer (WHI)

Replace water heaters (one- and two-family dwellings)

Restricted Energy (CRE)

Only limited to HVAC work

Restricted Reciprocating Conveyor Mechanic (RRM)

Install and alter mechanical parts of reciprocating conveyors while working under a licensed limited elevator mechanic or a reciprocating conveyor mechanic

Roofer Apprenticeship

Remove all types of roofing materials and waterproof foundation walls

Scaffold Erector Apprenticeship

Install scaffolding (ladders, handrails, platforms, etc.) in buildings and ships

Sheet Metal Worker Apprenticeship

Fittings and ductworks for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems

Signal Technician Apprenticeship

Electrical signal equipment installation, inspection, maintenance, and testing

Solar Heating and Cooling Installer (STL)

Solar heating, cooling systems, collectors, heat transfer systems, heat storage piping

Specialized Finals Inspector (SFI)

Final inspection on residential, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical constructions except for electrical systems over 400 amps, emergency/ stand-by power generation equipment, solar photovoltaic installations, and swimming pools

Specialized Solar Photo-Voltaic Inspector (SSI)

Inspects structural and electrical systems for solar PV installations up to 25 Kw, according to the Oregon Structural Specialty Code’s provisions

Sprinkler Fitter Apprenticeship

Assembly of fire protection systems in commercial buildings

Standard Landscape

Lawns, shrubs, vines, trees, nursery stock, artificial turf, fences, decks, arbors, patios, landscape edging, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, low voltage lighting, water features, drainage systems

Steamfitter Apprenticeship

Piping and tubing made of carbon steel, copper, plastic, and glass through brazing, welding, screwing, gluing, bending, and mechanical joining

Structural Inspector A-Level (SIA)

Inspect structures under the Oregon Structural Specialty Code

Structural Ironworker Apprenticeship

Structural framework, reinforcing steel, and aluminum fascia for various structures (high-rise buildings, towers, roadways, etc.)

Structural Plans Examiner A-Level (PEA)

Reviews plans for commercial buildings for compliance with the Oregon Structural Specialty Code

Terrazzo Worker Apprenticeship

Work with decorative surfaces for stairway, cabinet, and floor covering

Test, Adjust and Balance Technician Apprenticeship

Test and adjust HVAC systems for different buildings

Third Party Limited Plan Reviewer & Inspector (SRL)

Conduct specialty code inspections and plan reviews, not exceeding $10,000 annually contracts

Third Party Plan Review & Inspection Business Registration (SRB)

Conducts specialty code inspections and plan reviews as a third-party business

Third Party Plan Reviewer & Inspector (SRI)

Conducts specialty code inspections and plan reviews for third-parties

Tile Trades Finisher Apprenticeship

Clean surfaces before tile installation in interior walls, showers, tubs, countertops, stairs, floors, and exterior structures

Tile Trades Setter Apprenticeship

Install tiles of different materials like ceramic, marble, and granite

Traffic Painter Apprenticeship

Prepare surfaces for painting and apply paint on roads for traffic control

Tree Trimmer Apprenticeship

Trim branches from trees and shrubs in public spaces (roads, sidewalks, utilities)

Underground Storage Tank Service Supervisor

Supervise work performed on underground storage tanks

Underground Storage Tank Services Provider

Install, test tank tightness, and decommission underground storage tanks

Water Service Mechanic Apprenticeship

Install, examine and repair water meters, and water system pipes and accessories

Water Service Utility Worker Apprenticeship

Clean and upkeep water filtering equipment

Water-Treatment Installer (WTI)

Join potable water and indirect waste connections to vent and waste equipment