Oregon Structural Inspector A-Level (SIA) License

The Structural Inspector A-Level (SIA) License allows you to do the following work:

  • Inspections and plan review of building construction regulated by the Oregon Structural Specialty Code
  • Work established under the B-Level Structural Inspector classification

How to Get the Structural Inspector A-Level (SIA) License in Oregon?

This process allows the applicant to convert any nationally recognized or International Code Council (ICC©) certification into an Oregon inspector certification.

  1. Hold a valid Oregon Inspector Certification (OIC)
  2. Review the Building Codes Division’s conversion chart:
    • A Commercial Building Inspector (ICC B2) license can be converted into a Structural Inspector- A-Level (SIA) license
  3. Complete the National Certification Conversion Application and pay the required fee
  4. Attach evidence of national or ICC© certification. Include name, license type, and expiration date