Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Contractor Campus

Your One Stop for Licensure!

Contractor Campus is not affiliated to any testing company or government agency. We are an independent school and bookstore providing exam prep services and books to contractors. 

All sales of books are final. Refunds will only be issued when an error is made by Contractor Campus in the processing of an order, given that the books are returned to sender within two business days. 

It is the customer's responsibility to buy books which match those required by the testing company of their choice. Contractor Campus has no control over the testing company chosen by individual customers. For example, if a customer purchases books for GITS©, but goes to take a Prov© test, he/she will not be able to use some or all of his/her books. In those cases, no refunds can be given and the customer will have to either switch testing companies, or buy new books. 

Price-matching guarantees on books can only be honored before sales are finalized, no price-matching guarantees will be honored once books have been delivered.  Prices from companies known to sell photocopies of copyright-protected material or material otherwise illegally/unfairly obtained will not be honored.

The information submitted to our website (email, name, address) will not be sold to third parties. Said information will only be used by Contractor Campus, Inc. and its subsidiaries to provide you with useful information related to your licensing needs. We value your privacy and will not betray your trust.

Contractor Campus strives to provide students with up-to-date information on all the licensing requirements, list of books, and exam details for the license of their choice. This information is provided for the benefit of the student, but Contractor Campus, Inc. does not guarantee said information to be accurate.  Contractor Campus encourages students to contact the government agency in charge of their licensing process to make sure their requirements are met.

Our “No Pass No Pay” policy allows you to continue to take classes with us for an unlimited amount of time without paying again. It is NOT a refund policy in which you get your money back if you fail your exam.

All students signed up on or after January 1st of 2015 have complementary access to their study material even after their one-year paid access has expired. This is what is known as "unlimited" access. This is complementary access period begins after the first year (the paid time period) has lapsed. During this complementary period refunds are not issued under any circumstances and study material has no warranty either explicit or implied. Any and all claims related to the quality of the study material must be made or brought up during the first year of access (the paid time period).

Our tabs are described by their manufacturer as “permanent adhesive”. We are not responsible for the damage which might be caused to book pages on which these tabs are placed.

Tabs (pre-labeled) are only sold for books which are purchased from Contractor Campus. This rule applies to everyone, including Contractor Campus students. Contractor Campus does not sell tabs for books not purchased though its bookstore. If you need tabs for books purchased elsewhere, please contact those bookstores for assistance on obtaining those particular tabs (pre-labeled). 

Some proctors might not understand the difference between “permanently attached tabs” and “sticky notes” and might ask you to remove your legitimate tabs from your books. This is an unusual request, and it is an unjust and misguided one. If you find yourself in this situation, please ask to speak to a supervisor. If talking to a supervisor fails, we recommend that you always have a roll of clear desk tape, and put a bit of it over each tab (cover a portion of the tab and a portion of the page). Putting clear tape on each tab will force the proctor to acknowledge the tabs as “permanently attached”.  We also advise you to report the individual proctor to his/her employer.  Please note that some proctors are part-time or seasonal employees with deficient training on some aspects of your testing.