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Georgia Contractor Licenses

The State of Georgia comprises boards and divisions that regulate contractor licensing procedures. Among those are four main institutions: the Georgia Secretary of State, the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA), the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner (OCI), and the Environmental Protection Division (EPD).

The Secretary of State's Office has a Licensing Division consisting of three separate Boards. The Residential and General Contractors Board, Georgia Board of Examiners for Certification of Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and Laboratory Analysts, and the State Construction Industry Licensing Board. The State Construction Industry Licensing Board has five divisions: Conditioned Air Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Low Voltage Contractors, Utility Contractors, and Masters and Journeyman Plumbers. The EPD contains three branches, the Air Protection Branch, Land Protection Branch, and Watershed Protection Branch. The OCI has three divisions however, there is only one division that offers contractor licenses which is the Safety Fire Division. The GDA has three programs, Fuel Program, Agricultural Pest Control and Structural Pest Control.

Georgia has designated several testing companies to administer the contractor examinations depending on the main institution. PSI© is responsible for administering the license exams for The State Construction Industry Licensing Board. The exams for the EPD are managed by Pearson Vue©. Another testing provider is the Athens Technical College, which oversees applicants who wish to obtain a license from the GDA. Additionally, The Office of Commissioner Insurance and Safety Fire uses the Citizenserve Online Portal to list details about the licensing requirements, testing information and application submission.

Above Ground Storage Tanks/Silos Limited Service Specialty

Bolted steel tanks, tanks erected on site by ring and slave method, and tools used in tank erections such us impact wrenches, standard wrenches, hammers, pins, gin poles, scaffolding, and safety harness

Acoustic Treatments

Perform acoustic treatments work

Acoustical Ceilings

Work on acoustical ceilings

Aluminum Framed and Glass Storefronts

Complete tasks related to aluminum framed and glass storefronts

Asbestos Abatement

Perform abatement of 10 square feet or 10 linear feet or more of friable asbestos-containing material

Asbestos Supervisor

Supervision of the cleaning, encapsulation, removal, or disposal of friable asbestos-containing materials

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving job duties

Athletic Equipment

Any incidental work related to athletic equipment

Automatic Doors

Complete tasks related to automatic doors


Awnings tasks

Biological Wastewater Treatment System Operator Class I

Operate wastewater collection systems and industrial wastewater treatment plants

Biological Wastewater Treatment System Operator Class II

Operate industrial wastewater treatment plants and wastewater collection systems

Biological Wastewater Treatment System Operator Class III

Operation of the industrial wastewater treatment plants and wastewater collection systems

Biological Wastewater Treatment System Operator Class IV

Operate only class IV wastewater treatment systems and collection system

Boiler Certificate of Authority Class I

Install, maintain or service high pressure hot water boilers, high temperature fluid heaters and power boilers

Boiler Certificate of Authority Class II

Install, maintain or service hot water or steam heating boilers

Boiler Certificate of Authority Class III

Install, maintain or service hot water supply boilers or lined potable water heaters

Boiler Limited Service Specialty

Perform electrical, foundation, plumbing and any structural work

Bridge Construction Limited Service Specialty

Electrical lighting, pilings, carpentry and foundation work

Cabinets and Countertops

Complete tasks related to cabinets and countertops

Carpet, VCT & Base

Any incidental work related to carpet, VCT and base


Work on casework

Caulks & Sealants

Complete tasks related to caulks and sealants

Cell Tower Limited Service Specialty

Demolition, fencing, foundations, plumbing, generator, steel supports, signage, erosion control, minor grading, access road, landscaping, tower, fire sprinkler, HVAC, and electrical

Ceramics & Hard Tiles

Complete tasks related to ceramic and hard tiles


Any incidental work related to chutes

Cold Formed Metal Framing

Work on cold formed metal framing

Commercial Applicator

When not engaged in the production of an agricultural commodity, a Commercial Applicator License in the appropriate category is required to purchase, use, or supervise the use of restricted use pesticides on your property or the property of your employer

Commercial General Building (NASCLA©)

The NASCLA© Accredited Examination Program was designed to assist contractors who wish to be licensed in multiple jurisdictions by offering a streamlined test taking option for the trade portion of the contractor examination

Concrete Cast In Place

Any incidental work related to concrete cast in place

Concrete Formwork Concrete Precast

Complete tasks related to concrete formwork concrete precast

Concrete Tilt Up

Perform concrete tilt up work

Concrete Work Limited Service Specialty

Set the forms, batter boards, shoring, layout, rebar, excavate

Conditioned Air Class I Restricted

Contract conditioned air systems or equipment not exceeding 175,000 BTU of heating and 60,000 BTU of cooling

Conditioned Air Class II Non-Restricted

Unrestricted conditioned air contracting of conditioned air systems or equipment

Cooling Tower Limited Service Specialty

Perform work related to mechanical equipment, water distribution, stairways, repair work, associated accessories, demolition, fundations and support and electrical

Cornice Work

Cornice work job duties

Damp Proofing and Waterproofing

Complete tasks related to damp proofing and waterproofing


Any incidental work related to dams

Decorative Metals

Decorative metals job duties


Work on demolition

Doors, Frames & Hardware

Any incidental work related to doors, frames and hardware


Perform work under a professional geologist or engineer and drilling wells, boreholes, or coreholes, other than water wells or geothermal boreholes


Drywall job duties

Drywall, Insulation, Studs & Acoustical Limited Service Specialty

Studs, wood blocking, stucco and exterior insulation and finish system, exterior sheathing, set windows and doors, studs, insulation and acoustical treatments

Electrical Class I Restricted

Contract single-phase electrical installations not exceeding 200 amperes at the service drop or the services lateral

Electrical Class II Non-Restricted

Unrestricted contracting of single-phase electrical installations

Elevator Certificate of Authority

Elevators, residential elevators, moving walks, material lifts, escalators, dumbwaiters, platform lifts for wheelchairs, and stairway chairlifts

Elevator (Class I)

Elevators or any conveyance equipment related

Elevator (Class II)

Elevators, escalators, residential elevators, dumbwaiters, moving walks, platform lifts, and stairway chairlifts

Elevator (Class IR)

Elevators, temporary construction elevator and material lifts, and separate cab interiors and phones

Elevator Mechanic (Class I)

Electrical work on elevators or related conveyance equipment

Elevator Mechanic (Class II)

Work testing, repairing, servicing, and maintaining elevators or other conveyance equipment

Elevator Mechanic (Class III)

Perform installations, alterations, repairations, testing, services, maintenance, and electrical work on residential elevators, stair chairlifts, and platform lifts

Elevator Mechanic (Class IIIR)

Electrical work on residential elevators, platform lifts and stair chairlift

Elevator Mechanic (Class IR)

Installation, reparations, service, testing, maintenance, and performance of electrical work on elevators or related conveyance equipment

Elevator, Limited (Class III)

Residential dumbwaiters, platform lifts, elevators and stairway chairlifts

Elevator, Limited (Class IIIR)

Erect, install, construct, serve, test, alter, repair and maintain residential platform lifts and stairway chairlifts


Any incidental work related to elevators

Engineered Retaining Walls

Engineered retaining walls job duties

Environmental Remediation Limited Service Specialty

Perform work related to hazardous material removals, demolition, landfills and encapsulation of materials

Equipment Lifting and Transportation

Work on equipment lifting and transportation

Erosion and Sedimentation Controls

Erosion and sedimentation controls tasks


Complete tasks related to escalators


Manufacture, possess, buy, store, sell, use, or transport explosives and blasting agents

Exterior Insulation and Finish System and Stucco

Perform exterior insulation and finish system and stucco work

Exterior Insulation and Finish System and Stucco Limited Service Specialty

Pre-manufactured stone veneer, hard or synthetic stucco and installed to manufactured guidelines


Work on fencing

Finish Carpentry

Any incidental work related to finish carpentry

Finish Carpentry Limited Service Specialty

Cabinetry, interior finish work, setting interior doors, and trim work

Fire Equipment

Complete tasks related to fire equipment

Fire Protection Sprinkler

Supervises and or perform the installation, addition, alteration, maintenance, repair, or inspection of water-based fire protection systems

Fire Protection Sprinkler Designer

Construction shop drawings, construction documents and or documents for construction pertaining to water-based fire protection systems

Fire Protection Sprinkler System Inspector

Performs inspections only on water-based fire protection systems


Complete tasks related to fireplaces


Fireproofing job duties


Any incidental work related to flagpoles

Flat Roofing

Perform work related to flat roofing

Foodservice Equipment

Complete tasks related to foodservice equipment

Fuel System Installation

Work on fuel system installation


Construction industry of all private, industrial, commercial, institutional, public, and other buildings and structures

General Limited Tier

Work on the construction of all institutional, private, public, commercial, industrial, and other buildings and structures under contract with or engagement directly by an owner


Perform glazing work


Complete task related to grading

Greenhouses Limited Service Specialty

Perform work related to pre-manufactured structures, plumbing and grading


Grouting job duties

Gutters and Downspouts

Any incidental work related to gutters and downspouts

Industrial Specialty Work Limited Service Specialty

Demolition, repair work, construction of foundations, supports, stairways and platforms, use of mechanical and process equipment and other related tasks to the industrial specialty work

Industrial Tanks Limited Service Specialty

Installation, removal, or relocation of storage tanks and electrical, plumbing, HVAC, structural pad, or foundation work that would be required to support them


Installation, repair, improvement, or removal of insulating materials

Internal Floating Covers and Aluminum Geodesic Domes Limited Service Specialty

Aluminum and stainless-steel cover solutions for Odor Control, Emissions Reduction, Product Quality Attainment and Security in Potable and Wastewater applications

Journeyman Plumber

Conducting basic plumbing tasks, such as installing and repairing plumbing lines under the supervision of licensed plumber

Kitchen and Bath Designer/Installer Limited Service Specialty

Design, configure and make plans for kitchens and baths and all the related equipment and installations

Laboratory Equipment

Installation and maintenance of laboratory facilities

Landfills Limited Service Specialty

Any incidental work related to landfills

Landscape and Irrigation

Construction, repair, maintenance, improvement and alteration of any portion of a landscape irrigation system

Lead Services Firm

Conduct a company or business in the lead abatement or other lead disciplines field like lead inspections or risk assessments

Lead Services Inspector

Conduct inspections and sample for the presence of lead in paint, dust, and soil for the purposes of abatement clearance testing

Lead Services Project Designer

Prepare abatement project designs, occupancy protection plans, and abatement reports

Lead Services Renovator

Perform lead- based paint renovation activities

Lead Services Risk Assessor

Conduct risk assessments and sample for the presence of lead in paint, dust, and soil for the purposes of abatement clearance testing

Lead Services Supervisor

Supervise and conduct abatements in target housing and child-occupied facilities and prepare occupant protection plans and abatement reports

Lead Services Worker

Perform abatement activities

Library Equipment

Work, perform and complete tasks related with library equipment

Licensed Blaster

Supervise blasting activities in a specific field under the holding of a Level III Competency Card


Lifts work, performance and job duties resolution

Light Gauge Metal Studs

Any incidental work related to Light Gauge Metal Studs

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry Worker Class I: Basic Transfer and Handling

Transfer and handle predominantly propane, propylene, butanes (normal butane or iso-butane), and butylenes

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry Worker Class II: Delivery

Deliver liquefied petroleum gas in cylinder to consumers

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry Worker Class III: Service / Installation

Install liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) systems and components

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry Worker Class IV: Bulk Operator

Operator an LPG bulk plant and complete related tasks

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry Worker Class V: Delivery and Service / Installation

Liquefied Petroleum Gas systems and deliver LPG in cylinder to consumers

Loading Dock Equipment

Operate specialized equipment for loading and unloading goods from vehicle trailers in loading docks

Lockers and Locker Room Benches

Lockers and Locker Room Benches installation, service, and repair

Low Voltage-Alarm (Class LV-A)

Installation and servicing of alarms and low-voltage systems

Low Voltage-General (Class LV-G)

General low-voltage systems

Low Voltage-Telecommunication (Class LV-T)

Install, service and repair telecommunication and general low-voltage systems

Low Voltage-Unrestricted (Class LV-U)

Fitting, repairing and servicing all types of Low Voltage Systems without restriction

Low-Income Weatherization and Energy-Efficiency Limited Service Specialty

Basic weatherization and energy efficiency repairs to federal, state and local-funded assistance programs residences

LP Gas Mechanic

Connection, checking and safety handling of LP Gas systems

Manufactured Homes Professional Manufacturer

Produce and sell manufactured homes

Manufactured Homes Professional Installer

Install new or previously owned manufactured or mobile homes

Manufactured Professional Retail

Maintaining a display of manufactured or mobile homes (new or used) and selling or offering for sale three or more of them to consumers

Manufactured Professional Retail Broker

Sell or offer for sale to consumers three or more manufactured or mobile homes (new or used)


Build a structure from individual blocks of materials such as stones, bricks, concrete, and hollow blocks, and cement them with some form of mortar

Masonry Limited Service Specialty

Work and complete tasks related to stone, brick, pavers, rebar, grouting, stucco, and precast architecture

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Structures

Work and perform related activities to the construction of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Structures

Master Plumber Class I Restricted

Plumbing services in single-family dwellings, one-level dwellings designed for no more than 2 families and commercial structures not exceeding 10,000 square feet

Master Plumber Class II Non-Restricted

Perform or contract to perform plumbing services in all types of dwellings and structures without restriction

Operable Partitions

Install operable partitions used to close off a room or divide a room into two spaces

Outdoor Environment Limited Service Specialty

Outdoor environmental taks, such as minor grading, erosion control, retaining walls, excavation, electrical grounding, lighting plumbing related to pool circulation and drains

Overhead Doors

Provide services related to the overhead doors installation

Paint Booth Installation

Consulting for and installation of paint booth systems

Painting and Special Coatings

Perform and complete tasks related to painting and special coatings application

Parking Control Equipment

Installation and servicing of parking control equipment

Parks and Recreation Limited Service Specialty

Construction of park trails, non-occupied structures, grading walkways, restroom and stadiums and operation of pre-manufactured equipment


Prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate any pest or pests with any substance or mixture of substances intended for that purpose

Piles and Caissons

Any incidental work related to building of piles and caissons

Plumber Medical Gas Piping Systems

Install, maintain, alter, or repair medical gas piping systems

Postal Specialties

Supplying and installing postal specialties

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings assembly

Pre-Engineered Special Purpose Rooms & Vaults

Work on and install pre-engineered special purpose rooms and vaults

Prefabricated Bleachers

Any incidental work related to prefabricated bleachers

Prefabricated Mezzanines

Perform prefabricated mezzanines work

Prefabricated Press Boxes

Installation of prefabricated press boxes

Prefabricated Seating

Prefabricated seating installation and related work

Pre-Manufactured Metal Canopy Limited Service Specialty

Concrete and electrical work, and install metal carport covers and metal patio covers storage buildings of 250 square feet or less

Private Applicators

Purchase, use, or supervise the use of any restricted use pesticide on your property or the property of your employer

Public Water Supply System Operator Class I

Operate water distribution systems and perform the duties of a water laboratory analyst

Public Water Supply System Operator Class II

Water distribution systems operation and laboratory analysis-related tasks

Public Water Supply System Operator Class III

Operate water distribution systems

Public Water Supply System Operator Class IV

Operate only very small public water supply systems and their distribution systems


Pumps and pumping equipment on or in water wells

Racking Systems Limited Service Specialty

Design plan view layouts and elevation views, manufacture storage racks, provide seismic calculations and stamped drawing when applicable, and perform mechanical installation, demolition, and repair work

Railroad Related Construction Limited Service Specialty

Sitework grading, layout and engineering, track and turnout construction, repair, maintenance, removal and salvage, road crossing installation and repair

Re-Roofing Limited Service Specialty

Rooftop equipment, demolition and remediation

Recreational Equipment

Any incidental work related to the installation of recreational equipment

Refrigeration (Not Free Standing) Limited Service Specialty

Demolition, repair, foundations and supports installation, mechanical equipment use, water distribution, associated accessories set up and electrical duties related with refrigeration (not free standing) systems

Reinforcing Steel

Fabricate, place and tie steel reinforcing bars to reinforce concrete structures

Remediation Limited Service Specialty

Performance of waterproofing, damp proofing, painting, sandblasting, caulking, sealing and masonry tiebacks water blasting

Renovation Firm

Advertise, agree to, or perform Lead-Based Paint (LBP) work or services on residential properties or child-occupied facilities

Residential Basic

Contractor work or activity relative to detached onefamily and two-family residences and one-family townhouses not over three stories in height and their accessory buildings and structures

Residential Light Commercial

Any contractor work and any activity related to multifamily and multiuse light commercial buildings and structures, and their related accessories

Rough Carpentry

Forming the foundations, frames and other basics of buildings

Rough Carpentry Limited Service Specialty

Frame floors, walls, and ceilings, set windows and doors, install roof felting and trusses and make sheathing

Scaffolding Seating

Any incidental work related to scaffolding seating installation

Sewage Pump Station Limited Service Specialty

Sewage pump stations minor grading, building of structures, demolition, repair, stairways and platforms set up, mechanical equipment use, water distribution and electrical tasks

Sheet Metal Roofing

Select and install sheet metal roofing

Shelving and Bins

Complete tasks related to shelving and bins

Shingles and Shakes

Any incidental work related to shingles and shakes


Install residential or commercial siding on structures

Siding and Cornice Work Limited Service Specialty

Windows replacement and house wrapping


Complete tasks related to signage

Signage Limited Service Specialty

Signage-related work such as electronic, non-illuminated, pylons, monuments and directional or way-finding signs installation, concrete pores, and masonry and brick tasks

Site Furnishings

Complete tasks related to site furnishings

Sitework Limited Service Specialty

Sitework layout and engineering, erosion control and tree protection, clearing, rough and finish grading, storm and sanitary sewer and other related tasks


Any incidental work related to skylights

Sliding and Coiling Doors

Installation of sliding and coiling doors

Stairs and Railings

Complete tasks related to stairs and railings

Streetscape Limited Service Specialty

Streetscape minor grading, landscaping, concrete, electrical, and plumbing work, installation of curb and gutters, on grade slabs, and prefabricated seating

Structural and Miscellaneous Steel

Complete tasks related to structural and miscellaneous steel

Structural Metal Framing

Any incidental work related to structural metal framing

Structural Pest Control

Fumigation and other methods of pest control

Substations Limited Service Specialty

Substations staking and layout, chain link fencing, foundations and conduits, steel erection, installation of glass insulators, switches, aluminum, copper buses, grounding grid, and control cables, precise cable trenching, and gravel spreading

Synthetic Sports Turf Limited Service Specialty

Excavation of organic/existing materials, installation of perimeter drain lines, geotextile fabrics over the subgrade and perimeter drains, flat panel drainage systems, recessed curbs, clan stone bases in two layers and synthetic turf systems

Tennis Court Limited Service Specialty

Building of asphalt or clay courts, fencing, electrical lighting, installation of nets, posts, and tennis accessories, grass striping and marking


Any incidental work related to the installation of terrazzo

Theater Equipment

Stage construction and equipment for the theater industry

Toilet Compartments & Accessories

Installation of toilet compartments and accessories

Turf, Track and Field Limited Service Specialty

Pre-manufactured bleachers, sport surfacing and equipment, electrical work and signage


Construct, erect, alter, or repair or have constructed, erected, altered, or repaired any utility system

Utility Foreman

Organize the overall construction of a particular project for a particular contractor and supervise utility constructions

Utility Manager

Oversight and manage the construction, erection, alteration, or repair of utility systems

Visual Display Boards

Complete tasks related to visual display boards

Wall Finishes

Complete tasks related to wall finishing

Wastewater Industrial Operator

Operate industrial wastewater treatment plant equipment

Wastewater Laboratory Analyst

Laboratory tests in conjunction with the operation of a wastewater treatment plant

Wastewater System Collection Operator

Operation of sanitary sewers, pipes, manholes, pumps, and other such apparatus used to convey sewage to wastewater treatment plants

Water Distribution Operator

Manage and control the system of pipes, pumps, valves, and other such apparatus used to distribute water to the public

Water Laboratory Analyst

Laboratory tests performance in conjunction with the operation of a public water system

Water Well

Construction of water wells and installation, removal or service of water well pumps and pumping equipment

Window Treatments

Installation of windows for commercial and residential properties


Any incidental work related to windows

Wood Flooring

Installation of wood floors