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Oregon Commercial Developer (CD) Contractor License

The Commercial Developer (CD) Contractor License allows you to do the following work:

  • Acting jointly with one or more licensed general contractors, who are solely accountable for directing construction activity on the property
  • Arranging for construction work, and completing tasks related to improving real estate (with the intention of selling the commercial property)

A holder of this license is not permitted to perform construction work on the property themselves.

How to Get the Commercial Developer (CD) Contractor’s License in Oregon?

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Complete a minimum of 16 hours of pre-license training. Refer to Oregon’s list of approved providers
  3. Take and pass the contractor examination with PSI©:
    1. Sign in or register on PSI©’s examination website
    2. Choose the examination corresponding to the license
    3. Pay and schedule the test
    4. Refer to PSI©’s Commercial Developer (CD) Exam Candidate Information Bulletin for more information on the exam
  4. Select a Responsible Managing Individual (RMI) to take the training program and the exam:
    • The RMI can be an owner, officer, partner, or employee of the business applying for the license
    • To be accepted as an RMI, the individual must:
      • Complete the 16-hour training and pass the trade exam, or
      • Pass the NASCLA commercial contractor national exam and the Oregon contractor exam, or
      • Provide more than one license number associated with the RMI before July 1st, 2000, up to the application date
  5. Register the business applying for the license. For more information on how to set up a business, check Oregon’s Start a Business Guide
  6. Fill out and submit a commercial surety bond. Take into account CCB surety bond requirements. The amount of the bond is determined as follows:
    • Commercial Developer: $20,000
  7. Provide proof of liability insurance. The amount of liability insurance is determined as follows:
    • Commercial Developer: $500,000 per occurrence
  8. Obtain worker’s compensation insurance if planning to hire employees
  9. Obtain other employer account numbers and state and federal tax numbers from the Oregon Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service
  10. Fill out the form that corresponds to the preferred application type:
  11. Submit the application, including the original surety bond, the insurance certificate, and the fee for a two-year license to:
    P.O. Box 14140
    Salem, OR 97309-5052
    201 High St SE, Ste. 600
    Salem, OR 97301