Oregon Residential Plans Examiner (CAX) License

The Residential Plans Examiner (CAX) License allows you to do the following work:

  • Plan review on building and mechanical constructions, dwelling parks, recreational parks, organizational camps, and picnic parks regulated by:
    • Oregon Residential Specialty Code
    • Oregon Manufactured Dwelling Installation Specialty Code
    • Low-rise Residential Dwelling Code
    • OAR chapter 918, division 500
    • Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, 24 CFR 3280 and 3282

How to Get the Residential Plans Examiner (CAX) License in Oregon?

There are two pathways through which a Residential Plans Examiner (CAX) License can be obtained.

Training Pathway Instructions for Inspector Certifications in Oregon

  1. Take and pass the course that corresponds to the Residential Plans Examiner (CAX) license:
  2. Meet the prerequisites for the corresponding course:
    • Hold a current Oregon Inspector Certification (OIC)

National Certification Conversion Pathway Instructions for Inspector Certifications in Oregon

This process allows the applicant to convert any nationally recognized or International Code Council (ICC©) certification into an Oregon inspector certification.

  1. Hold a valid Oregon Inspector Certification (OIC)
  2. Review the Building Codes Division’s conversion chart:
    • A Residential Plans Examiner (ICC R3) license can be converted into a Residential Plans Examiner (CAX) license
  3. Complete the National Certification Conversion Application and pay the required fee
  4. Attach evidence of national or ICC© certification. Include name, license type, and expiration date