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Oregon Third Party Plan Review & Inspection Business Registration (SRB) License

The Third Party Plan Review & Inspection Business Registration (SRB) License allows you to do the following work:

  • Act as a third-party business to engage in:
    • Specialty code inspections
    • Plan reviews

A Third Party Limited Plan Reviewer & Inspector (SRL) cannot act as an exclusive employee of the Municipality, the Building Codes Division, or other registered plan review and inspection firm.

How to Get the Third Party Plan Review & Inspection Business Registration (SRB) License in Oregon?

  1. Fill out the application form, carefully reading the instructions and information provided:
  2. Ensure that all the required sections have been completed:
    • Application information
    • Principals, officers, directors, major shareholders/other responsible agents
    • Managers and supervisors of plans reviewers and inspectors
    • Plans reviewers/plans examiners/inspectors
    • Municipalities/geographical area
    • Liability insurance information OAR 918-090-0110(2)(g)
    • Errors and omissions liability insurance information OAR 918-090-0110(2)(h)
    • Quality control manual OAR 918-090-0300
  3. Submit the following documents alongside the application:
    • General liability insurance certification
    • Quality-control manual
  4. Send the application and payment either via email according to the indications determined in the form document
  5. Receive notice from the Building Codes Division once the qualifications have been approved
  6. Obtain further details and a license issued by the BCD after the licensure process is successfully carried out and validated