Blueprint Reading Private Tutoring

One to One Tutoring for Blueprint Reading

Blueprint Reading Hourly One to One Tutoring is a customized learning experience for people who want to become proficient in understanding and interpreting construction blueprints. The tutoring sessions are designed to improve the student's skills in blueprint reading, preparing them for exams and ensuring they can confidently interpret and analyze construction drawings professionally.
Some topics related to blueprint covered in these tutoring sessions include:

  • Structural Details
  • Construction Symbols
  • Blueprint Components
  • Orthographic Projection
  • Scale and Measurement
  • Reading Architectural Drawings
  • Plan, Elevation, and Section Views
  • Symbol Legend and Abbreviations
  • Electrical and Mechanical Drawings

Contractors Who Will Benefit from the Blueprint Reading Hourly 1-to-1 Tutoring

  • HVAC Contractors
  • General Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Plumbing Contractors
  • Low Voltage Contractors
  • Fire Protection Contractors

About Our Expert Tutors

Our tutors are experts in construction education and specialize in guiding contractors on blueprint reading skills to apply in their licensing exams.

We offer tutoring sessions with experts in additional subjects, such as: