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Nevada Contractor Licenses

The Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB) is the official division in charge of issuing contractors' licenses. The Board determines the qualifications of applicants before licensing, sets forth conditions for licenses, and establishes contractual limits. Most Nevada contractor licenses require candidates to take and pass examinations as part of the application process. All Nevada Contractors must take and pass the Business and Law Contractor Management Survey Examination (CMS) , and trade examination specific to the classification requested unless they meet the requirements for a waiver. PSI© is the testing company responsible for administering the examinations necessary for getting a Nevada contractor license.

Below is a list of Nevada's licenses and their requirements, exams, books, and classes needed to succeed in the application process.

Contractor Management Survey Examination

All Nevada Contractors must take and pass the Business and Law Contractor Management Survey Examination (CMS)

Acoustical Tile (C17D)

Prepares the surface to apply adhesives for the installation of wood, fiber, mineral, and acoustical tile

Acoustical Tile (C4G)

Apply adhesives to surfaces that have been prepared for the installation of fiber, mineral, wood, and acoustical tile

Air Conditioning (C21B)

Devices, equipment, units, machinery, and ductwork that use evaporation, refrigeration, boilers, or combustion for the control of air temperatures in structures

Air Conditioning (C37C)

Collectors, piping, storage, and other equipment installation to convert solar energy used to control air temperatures

Airports (A1)

Airports, navigational equipment, lights, beacons, markers, taxiways, runways, hangars and terminals

Artificial or Cultured Marble (C19C)

Marble-like products installation, cutting and examination for the preparation of the surface

Automatic Fire Sprinklers (C41A)

Fire protection systems using water alteration, pressure, storage tanks, fire pumps and drivers, sprinkler heads, nozzles, and all associated valves, control wiring, and piping to a water supply

Awnings and Louvres (C14H)

Awnings and louvres made of wood, fabric, plastics, and metal

Boilers (C1A)

Boilers, pipes, fittings, valves, gauges, pumps, radiators, convectors, tanks, and lines for fuel oil, chimneys, flues, insulation for hot water and steam installation

Bridges (A4)

Steel, masonry, concrete, foundations, piles, piers, culverts, roadway or other suitable materials for bridges installation

Building Accessories and Specialties (C26B)

Stationary desks, chalkboards, lockers, shelving, storage, seats in auditoriums (excluding stationary bleachers), equipment used on a stage, equipment used in a gymnasium

Carpentry and Repairs (C3A)

Construction, repair and installation of framed structures, wood and wood products for finishing purposes, rough carpentry and associated work with materials such as wood, formed sheet metal, vinyl, aluminum and others that emulate wood and do not require welding

Carpentry (C3)

Maintenance and minor repairs related to carpentry specialty

Chilled and Hot Water Systems (C21F)

Boilers, chillers, coils, cooling towers, piping, pumps, tanks, valves, and other production and transfer of water equipment installation

Chilled Water Piping (C1I)

Pipes, pumps, valves, and other equipment designed for transferring chilled water installation, repair, and removal

Coatings of Stucco and Cement (C17E)

Manual or mechanical application of stucco and cement coats to surfaces including fireproof lath

Commercial and Residential Pools (A10)

Construction, alteration and repair of swimming, therapy or decoration commercial and residential pools

Commercial Remodeling (B6)

Remodeling and improvement of interior spaces in structures including those that exceed three stories in height

Concrete Contracting (C5)

Preparation of surface, placement of embedded materials, pouring, placing, and finishing of concrete, construction of molds, applying of waterproofing products, modification of concrete and asphaltic paving material

Constructing, Altering, or Improving Community Antenna Television Systems (C42)

Construction, alteration and improving of audiovisual service networks

Conveyance of Goods (C14J)

Conveyor systems such as dock levelers and pallet racks for transportation of goods and freight

Covering Floors (C16A)

Application of coats and covers of varied materials to finished floors

Curtain Wall (C14D)

Aluminum and glass curtain walling

Dams and Reservoirs (A3)

Construction of dams and reservoirs, and relocation of new or existing structures incidental to the work of obstruction, control or use of water

Diamond and Core Drilling (A5)

Core or diamond drilling for soil, rock or concrete

Drilling of Oil, Gas and Exploratory Wells (A6)

Drilling, altering or repairing both new or existing oil, gas or exploratory wells, installation of supplemental structures, materials or equipment

Drilling Wells and Installing Pumps, Pressure Tanks & Storage Tanks (C23)

Drilling, installing and repairing pumps, tanks and wells associated with water storage and distribution

Drywall (C17C)

Coat and install gypsum wallboard, sheathing, and suspended ceilings

Drywall (C3E)

Taping, and the completion of drywall, assemblies, siding, acoustical tile, and studs made of sheet metal for ceiling framing and non-structural partitions

Drywall (C4E)

Installation and lining of gypsum wallboards, including a suspended ceiling system

Electrical (C2)

Electrical wires, fixtures, appliances, apparatuses, raceways, conduits,and modify and maintain systems that convert wind energy into electricity for residential and commercial installations, including electrical wiring, integrated ceilings, fire detection, low voltage systems, sines to transmit electricity, residential wiring, and photovoltaics

Electrical Conduits for Underground Transmission (A19C)

Manufacture, implementation and installation of protective coatings needed for the pipes and conduits only

Electrical Signs (C6B)

Manufacturing and erection of electrical signs

Electrical Wiring (C2A)

Electrical wires and appliances of any related wiring on existing structures

Elevation and Conveyance (C7)

Systems designed to transport animals, people or chattels in elevators, conveyors, dumbwaiters and escalators, pneumatic tube and moving walkways

Elevator and Dumbwaiter (C7A)

Elevators and dumbwaiters manufacturing

Erecting Scaffolds and Bleachers (C24)

Stages, scaffolds, bleachers

Erecting Signs (C6)

Electrical, sheet metal and painted signs and outdoor advertising

Escalator and Conveyor (C7B)

Construction and installation of escalators and conveyors for the vertical transport of passengers, cargo or integrated with complementary systems and groups

Excavating and Grading (A7)

Excavation, movement and placement of material forming the surface of the earth, usage of hand and power tools to carry out other similar operations of excavation, leveling and trenching

Excavating, Grading, Trenching and Surfacing (A12)

Mixing and placement of pavement and surfaces of graded mineral and concrete products

Fabricating Tanks (C28)

Any of the work authorized for fabricating tanks, which is the fabrication and placement of structural tanks and sandblasting and coatings to structural tanks used for the retention of liquids, solids and gases, either above or below ground

Fabricating Tanks (C28A)

The construction and assembly of structural tanks for the retention of liquids, solids and gases

Farm Irrigation (A18)

Excavation and assembly of pipes, pumps and any other material and equipment used to crop irrigation systems

Fencing and Equipping Playgrounds (C25)

Assemble, trim, build, and install wood and metal fences, railings, and other equipment used on playgrounds

Fencing and Guardrails (A21)

Assembly of wood or metal fencing, railings, non-electric highway signs and markers and playground sets

Finish Carpentry (C3B)

Cabinets, frames, door frames, wood floors, baseboards, countertops and other carpentry work

Finishing Counters (C16B)

Finish counters by installing vinyl, plastic, aluminates, and other materials principally accepted by contractors for use on the face of counters

Finishing Floors (C16)

Application and installation of fabrics, carpets, polyurethane floors, and other materials. Finishing off the tops of counters by the installation or application of vinyl, plastic, aluminates, and such other, and cutting, forming, fitting, and installing of tile and products which are coated with plastic, made of hardboard or fiberglass

Fire Alarms (C41C)

Alteration, repair and servicing of sensors and alarms used to detect heat and smoke

Fire Detection (C2C)

Sensors and alarms used to detect heat and smoke

Fire Protection (C41)

Fabrication and service of fire protection systems using water, foam, gas or dry chemicals; and inspection, testing, maintenance and repair of existing privately owned fire hydrants

Fire Sprinklers (C1B)

All sprinkler systems for protection from fire

Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems (C41B)

Fire protection systems using foam, gas or dry chemicals pressurized storage tanks, valves, associated piping, sensing and control devices

Floors of Gymnasiums (C26C)

Wood floors of gymnasiums, including the application of urethane to wood or concrete floors

Fountains and Other Water Features (A24)

Commercial and residential fountains, waterfalls, ponds, and other water features not intended to be used as swimming pools

Gas (A19B)

Electrical conduits and pipelines including the trenching, boring, shoring, backfilling, compacting, paving, surfacing and application of protective coatings

Gas Appliances and Equipment (C38B)

Appliances and equipment that require a connection to a liquefied petroleum or natural gas supply

General Building (B)

Remodeling or construction of buildings or structures for the support, shelter and enclosure of persons, animals or chattels

General Engineering (A)

Fixed works, irrigation, drainage, water supply and power, flood control, harbors, railroads, highways, tunnels, airports and airways, sewers and sewage disposal systems, bridges, inland waterways, pipelines for transmission of petroleum and other liquid or gaseous substances, refineries, chemical plants and industrial plants, power plants, piers and foundations and structures

General Engineering and General Building (AB)

Fixed works, irrigation, drainage, water supply and power, flood control, harbors, railroads, highways, tunnels, airports and airways, sewers and sewage disposal systems, bridges, inland waterways, pipelines for transmission of petroleum and other liquid or gaseous substances, refineries, chemical plants and industrial plants, power plants, piers, and foundations and structures, buildings for the support, shelter, and enclosure of persons, animals or chattels

Glass and Glazing (C8)

Automatic and revolving doors, glass and all glass products, window walls and store fronts, and enclosures for showers and tubs and toilet partitions

Heating and Ventilating (C38C)

Systems for circulating the air and for the heating of air with liquefied petroleum or natural gas

Heating Cooling and Circulating Air (C1F)

Heating, evaporative cooling and circulation of air and the solar equipment

Heating of Pools (C37D)

Collectors, piping and heat exchangers used to heat swimming pools and spas with solar energy

Highways (A2)

Construct roads, highways, streets, drains, tunnels, bridges and any public way for vehicles

Individual Sewerage (C27)

Individual systems for sewage disposal, septic tanks and cesspools

Industrial Piping (A20)

Pipes for the transmission of chemicals, steam, gases and other substances for industrial manufacturing or commercial operations

Industrial Piping (C1K)

Pipes and equipment used for the transmission of water, steam, gas, chemicals, food and other substances for industrial uses

Industrial Piping (C21G)

Equipment used for the transmission of water, steam, gas, chemicals, food, other substances for industrial uses and pipes

Installing Equipment to Treat Water (C30)

Existing water lines equipment for the treatment of alkali and other undesirable ingredients in the water

Installing Equipment Used With Liquefied Petroleum and Natural Gas (C38)

Liquefied petroleum and natural gas: pipes, vents, heating and ventilating, gas appliances and equipment

Installing Heaters (C39)

Devices for heating of buildings, integrated devices for wood-burning

Installing Industrial Machinery (C33)

Industrial machinery including sawmills, generators, compressors and processors to be permanently affixed to a structure

Installing Terrazzo and Marble (C19)

Creation of terrazzo by setting material in an irregular pattern by use of cement and the selection and cutting of marble or other dressed natural stone, as well as the cutting and installation of marble-like products

Installing Urethane (C36)

Polyurethane, whether in spray or rigid form, for thermal insulation, to create watertight, weatherproof roofs, and existing floors

Institutional Contracting (C26)

Kitchen and laboratory equipments, building accessories and specialties, and floors of gymnasiums

Insulation & Weather Stripping (C3C)

Weather stripping, insulation and caulking used to control the effects of weather, including fire stop systems

Insulation (C15C)

Insulation of buildings using glass, metal, plastic, urethane and other

Insulation of Pipes and Ducts (C1C)

Pipes, ducts and related equipment

Integrated Ceilings (C2B)

Integrated ceilings used for interior electrical illumination, modular units, and incidental acoustical tile

Kitchen and Laboratory Equipment (C26A)

Institutional kitchen and laboratory equipment installation such as ranges, ovens, stationary counters and tables, shelving partitions, dishwashers and such other equipment

Landscape Contracting (C10)

Grade and prepare plots for architectural horticulture, decoratively treat, plant and maintain gardens, bushes, trees and other vegetation, construct systems of drainage and landscape irrigation, install rocks, sand and other landscape materials, hydroseed by spraying mulch, seeds under pressure, control soil erosion and install nonengineered decorative landscape ponds

Lathing and Plastering (C17)

Lathing, metal, and fireproof lath, plastering, drywall, acoustical tile, coatings of stucco and cement, studs of sheet metal

Lathing (C17A)

Application of metal and wood lath, channel iron, and manufactured products to provide suction bases for the support of plaster coatings, fireproof lath, and solid plaster partitions

Lines to Transmit Electricity (A17)

Primary overhead lines which transmit electricity, poles, towers, anchors, guys, transformers, substations, circuit breakers and any other related hardware, equipment, or systems

Lines to Transmit Electricity (C2E)

Overhead or underground secondary lines which transmit electricity, poles, towers, anchors, guys, transformers, substations, circuit breakers, and any other related hardware, equipment, or systems

Low Voltage (C2D)

Fiber optics, telephone, sound, cable television, closed circuit video, computer networking systems and satellite dish antennas, landscape lighting instrumentation and temperature controls that do not exceed 91 volts

Maintenance and Repair of Pools and Spas (A10E)

Maintain plaster, tile, coping, pumps, filters, heaters, decking, pool painting, timers, controls and lights on residential and commercial spas, pools, fountains, waterfalls and ponds

Maintenance (C21D)

Repair and replace any parts of existing units or systems of air-conditioning and refrigeration, such as compressors, motors, relays, coils, heat exchangers, and other appurtenances and equipment

Marble (C19B)

Marble or other dressed natural stone, with or without mortar

Masonry (C18)

Cut and lay brick, other baked clay products, rough cut and dressed stone, artificial stone, precast blocks, and structural glass brick or block at random or in courses, with or without mortar

Metal Doors and Windows (C14E)

Metal and window doors and frames

Movement of Buildings (C9)

Raise, crib, underpin and move buildings and other structures

Moving Walkway (C7D)

Equipment to transfer people horizontally, prepare the structure, and moving walkways

NASCLA© General Contractor

Performs electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilating and cooling, piping or general engineering contracting work

Ornamental Metal (C14C)

Assemble, casting, cut, shape, stamp, forge, fabricate, and install metals for architectural treatment, ornamental decoration, or security of structures

Outdoor Advertising (C6A)

Fabrication and erection of outdoor signs and billboards but not including the electrical lighting in any form for the illumination of the signs or billboard

Overhead Doors (C3D)

Guides, counterweights, tracks, weather stripping, and automatic and manual controls for overhead doors

Painted Signs (C6D)

Paint art and advertising messages on signs

Painting and Decorating (C4)

Application of any paint, varnish, shellac, stain, protective coatings, and wax; attach papers, fabrics, and plastics to the surfaces of buildings and their appurtenances; examine and prepare surfaces for painting and wallcovering; and Install drywall, metal studs, and acoustical tile

Painting (C4A)

Application of all paints, varnishes, protective coatings, shellacs, stains by brush, spray, or roller, installation and application of polyurethane or similar

Paving of Streets, Driveways and Parking Lots (A16)

Related procedures to the application of asphalt to parking lots, streets, boat ramps, driveways, landing strips and taxiways

Photovoltaics (C2G)

Equip, alter and repair batteries, photovoltaic cells and invertors used in the conversion of solar energy into electricity

Piers and Foundations (A9)

Piers, piles, footings and foundations placed in the earth's subsurface

Pipeline and Conduits (A19)

Electrical conduits and pipelines; trench, drill, shore, backfill, compact, pave, surface, and apply the necessary protective coatings to complete the installation

Pipes and Vents (C38A)

Set up pipes from the source of supply of liquefied petroleum or natural gas into a building or other structure and connect them to above-ground tanks that will contain that supply

Pipes and Vents for Gas (C1G)

Install pipes and other related vents from the source of supply of liquefied petroleum or natural gas

Plastering (C17B)

Make a plaster to coat a surface and install a lath or a different base for it

Plastic Tile and Wallboard (C16C)

Cover surfaces for waterproofing or decoration within structures with formed, cut, and fitted tile and board made of plastic, hardboard, and fiberglass, among other materials

Plastic Tile and Wallboard (C20A)

Cut, form, fit, and install tile and board made or coated with plastic, fiberglass, hardboard, or other materials

Plumbing and Heating (C1)

Boilers, fire sprinklers, pipes, ducts, plumbing, sheet metal, heating, cooling and circulating air, pipes and vents for gas, water heaters, chilled-water piping, systems to replenish breathing air for firefighters and industrial piping

Plumbing (C1D)

Material and fixtures to create sanitary conditions in buildings to ensure the appropriate removal of waste, drainage systems for roofs, hydronic heating (not exceeding 200,000 BTU), landscape irrigation and heat potable water systems including solar equipment, pipes for compressed air, vacuums and supply gases for medical, residential and industrial use

Pneumatic Tube (C7C)

Pneumatic conveying systems, including the equipment, tubing, supports and other materials which are incidental or supplemental to pneumatic conveying

Pools and Spas of Fiberglass (A10D)

Design, construction and repair of residential pools and spas which are made of fiberglass

Prefabricated Steel Structures (B5)

Construction with prefabricated steel of structures to be used for the support, shelter or enclosure of persons, animals or chattels

Prefabricated Steel Structures (C14G)

Construction of structures made of prefabricated steel for the support, shelter or enclosure of persons, animals or chattels

Premanufactured Housing (B1)

Premanufactured units, modular parts and their appurtenances for the erection of residential buildings which do not extend more than three stories above the ground

Private Fire Hydrants (C41D)

Existing privately owned fire hydrants, including the replacement of parts within the barrel of a fire hydrant

Recycling Asphalt (A11)

Scarifications of asphaltic mat, the raking of the asphalt into rows, its pulverization, the incorporation of necessary additives, the aeration, spreading and compacting of the asphalt and the application of a coating composed of such ingredients as asphaltic concrete or slurry

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (C21)

Refrigeration, air-conditioning, sheet metal, maintenance, solar air-conditioning, chilled and hot water systems, and industrial piping

Refrigeration (C21A)

Devices, machinery and units for the control of air temperatures below 50°F in refrigerators, refrigerated rooms and insulated spaces, insulation, ducts, blowers, registers, controls over humidity and thermostatic controls, lines for supplying natural gas, electrical service from the unit's device to protect against excessive current to the main electrical panel

Reinforcing Steel (C14A)

Steel reinforcing bars, and post-tensioning to reinforce concrete structures

Removal of Asbestos (A23)

Cleaning, handling, repair, removal, and disposal or other work with materials containing asbestos

Repair of Pools and Spas (A10C)

Repair and replacement of plaster, coping and coating of pool decks on residential spas and pools

Residential and Small Commercial (B2)

Construction and remodeling of houses and other structures with not more than three stories above the ground, and one below ground

Residential Pools (A10A)

Any related work for residential pools and spas for different use including any appurtenant equipment

Residential Remodeling (B7)

Remodeling and improvement of an existing residential unit within a structure with no more than three stories above the ground, and one below ground

Residential Spas (A10B)

Design, construction and repair of residential spas

Residential Wiring (C2F)

Electrical wires, fixtures, appliances and apparatuses whose current doesn’t exceed 600 volts on structures no more than three stories above ground

Rigging and Cranes (C14I)

Rigging and the operation of cranes

Roofing and Siding (C15)

Watertight and weatherproof roofing materials; the use of wood, aluminum, enameled steel, plastic, and glass to make structures watertight, glass, metal, plastic, and other materials for insulation; and the application of rubber, latex, asphalt, and other waterproofing solutions

Roofing (C15A)

Watertight and weatherproof material used on roofs such as asphalt, pitch, tar, felt, flax, shakes and other materials

Sandblasting and Coatings (C28B)

Sandblasting and coating application to structural tanks used for above-ground or below-ground retention of liquids, solids, and gases

Sandblasting (C4D)

Sandblasting of surfaces using equipment to clean, grind, cut or decorate surfaces

Sealing and Striping of Impermeable Paving Surfaces (A8)

Fill cracks and voids in existing asphalt, similar impermeable paving surfaces or concrete, apply sealants, install precast bumpers, striping on the surfaces, traffic signs, and nonelectrical markers

Service Stations (B4)

Structural construction and installation of equipment used to perform services on vehicles

Sewers, Drains and Pipes (A15)

Drains, concrete, steel, irrigation, cast-iron, vitreous and nonvitreous pipe for sewers, including all operations related excavations, grading, backfilling, trenching, paving, surfacing, fabrication, erection of cesspools and septic tanks

Sheet Metal (C1E)

Sheet metal, gutters, cornices, leaders, flashings, downspouts for rainwater, food service equipment, pans, ducts, louvres, patented chimneys, metal roof systems, and flues

Sheet Metal (C21C)

Sheet metal, cornices, flashings, gutters, downspouts for rainwater, pans, leaders, food service equipment, ducts, patented chimneys, louvres, flues, and metal roof systems

Sheet Metal (C6C)

Incidental work for the construction or erection of signs that is necessary for sheet metal

Sheet Metal Studs (C4F)

Studs made of sheet metal for nonstructural partitioning and framing of ceilings

Siding (C15B)

Repair of siding to watertight, alteration, and install weatherproof walls of structures using materials such as aluminum, wood, enameled steel, glass, and plastic

Solar Air Conditioning (C21E)

Piping, storage, collectors, and other equipment used to convert solar energy into energy and control air temperatures

Solar Contracting (C37)

Design, install and fabricate water heating, space heating, air-conditioning, and heating of pools systems

Space Heating (C37B)

Systems for solar energy collection to heat air or water to be able to heat structures, storage, piping and heat exchangers

Specialties Not Authorized by Other Classifications (C40)

NSCB will issue this license to qualified applicants for the performance of specialties which are not authorized by a license of any other classification or subclassification

Speculative Building (B3)

Construction over contractor’s property for sale or speculation

Spraying Mixtures Containing Cement (C11)

Spray mixtures that contain cement under pressure

Steel Erection and Industrial Machinery (A14)

Erection and fabrication of plates and steel shapes to be used as structural members, welding and rigging, riveting and installation of industrial machinery

Steel Reinforcing and Erection (C14)

Steel reinforcing and erection that includes prefabricated steel structures, reinforcing, structural, and ornamental metal, curtain wall, store fronts, awnings and louvers, rigging, and cranes, and conveyance of goods

Store Fronts (C14F)

Window walls in the fronts of stores construction and lightweight metals to a height installation

Structural Steel (C14B)

Structural steel shapes and plates fabrication and erection used in structural members or tanks, including welding and rigging, and riveting

Studs of Sheet Metal (C17F)

Studs made of sheet metal installation and erection for nonstructural partitioning walls and framing of ceilings

Swimming Pool Tile and Coping (C20B)

Decorative coping stones and ceramic tile on swimming pools and spas

Taping and Finishing (C4C)

Taping of surfaces of wallboard and sheathing to create permanent surfaces

Telecommunication Towers (A25)

Towers used to support telecommunication equipment, including any related riveting, welding and rigging, electrical components, and related equipment

Terrazzo (C19A)

Creation of terrazzo by setting chips of marble, stone, or other material in an irregular pattern by the use of cement, preparation of the surface, and necessary grinding and polishing

Tiling (C20)

Ceramic tile, encaustic tile, vitreous tile, and other tile-like products employing suction and adhesives, tiles and boards used for covering surfaces, waterproofing, or decorating, such as plastic tile, wallboard, fiberglass, and coping stones tiles used in swimming pools and spas

Unclassified (A22)

The NSCB grants this license to an applicant based on knowledge and experience in a trade or craft that is not included in the other subclassifications of a license in Classification A

Using Sheet Metal (C13)

Fabrication and installation of sheet metal, including, without limitation, cornices, flashings, gutters, leaders, downspouts for rainwater, pans, food service equipment, ducts, louvres, patented chimneys, flues and metal roof systems

Wallcovering (C4B)

Preparation of surfaces and the application of materials that are generally accepted by contractors as wallcovering materials

Water (A19A)

Water pipelines, including the trenching, boring, shoring, backfilling, compacting, paving, surfacing, and application of protective coatings, pipes and conduits

Water and Gas Lines for Residential Pools and Spas (A10F)

Water and gas service lines to the pool equipment or a single-family residence's pool or spa

Water Heaters (C1H)

Water heaters, including the connection to existing lines for potable water and gas, venting, and other incidental connections

Water Heating (C37A)

Systems for the collection of solar energy to heat water for potable uses, water heaters, and storage tanks designed for the use of high-temperature water

Waterproofing (C15D)

Solutions of rubber, latex, asphalt, pitch, tar, and other materials to surfaces to prevent the penetrating of water in the surfaces

Wrecking Buildings (A13)

Wrecking of existing structures by the use of tools, equipment, or explosives, and the raising, cribbing, and underpinning of buildings and other structures to alter, repair, and construct new substructures under the undisturbed portion of the building or other structure

Wrecking (C31)

Demolish and wreck an existing structure with tools, equipment, and explosives; raise, crib, underpin, and move systems to make alterations, additions, or repairs to new substructures without alterations in permanently retained portions of the structure