Study Plan Private Tutoring

One to One Tutoring for Study Plan

One-to-one tutoring for contractor exam preparation involves personalized sessions between a tutor and a student to provide test-taking strategies, develop a personalized study plan based on the exam content outline, and clarify any doubts. The study plan is customized to address specific challenges and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the exam material.
Here's a list of Subjects Related to the Contractor Study Plan:

  • Contract Law
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Safety Procedures
  • Business and Ethics
  • Trade-specific Knowledge
  • Construction Management
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Mathematics for Construction

Contractors Who Will Benefit from the Study Plan Hourly 1-to-1 Tutoring

  • General Contractors
  • Masonry Contractors
  • Specialty Contractors
  • Demolition Contractors
  • Landscaping Contractors
  • Asbestos Abatement Contractors

About Our Expert Tutors

Our tutoring services help contractors prepare for licensing exams with personalized study plans and 1-to-1 sessions led by highly qualified construction education professionals.

We offer tutoring sessions that encompass a variety of additional subjects, such as: