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Oregon Limited Pump Installation Specialty (CPI) Contractor License

The Limited Pump Installation Specialty (CPI) Contractor License allows you to do the following work:

  • Electrical work related to:
    • Testing
    • Repair
    • Service
    • Maintenance
    • Installation
  • Replacement of:
    • New or existing pump equipment for potable or irrigation water systems
    • Sump pumps
    • Effluent pumps
    • Ground water pumps in residential and agricultural property
  • Repair pumps without need for another license
  • Limited types of electrical installations specified in ORS 479.630
  • Installations limited to branch circuit wiring provided from the load side of a disconnect means external to panel boards

How to Get the Limited Pump Installation Specialty (CPI) Contractor’s License in Oregon?

  1. Fill out the Limited Pump Installation Specialty (CPI) License Application Form
  2. Provide the company’s Construction Contractors Board number and expiration date:
    • According to OAR 918-030-0015, businesses registered with the Building Codes Division (BCD) and applying for a business license must show an active license with the Construction Contractors Board (CCB)
    • If the business/company is exempt from CCB licensure, the applicant must attach a letter with the application packet explaining the reason for the exemption
  3. Register the company’s name with Oregon’s Secretary of State
  4. Designate a Signing Supervisor:
  5. Submit a complete packet including all the previous documents by mail or fax (do not email the application packet) to:
    Oregon Building Codes Division
    P.O. Box 14470
    Salem, OR 97309-0404
    Fax: 503-378-2322