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Kentucky Contractor Licenses

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State Licenses

Fire Alarm Inspector

Conductors and raceways, radio frequency carriers, laser beams, light beams, sonic beams, and any other means of signal transmissions as well as all apparatus pertaining to fire alarm systems.

Fire Sprinkler Inspector

Water-based automatic fire sprinkler system design, installation, repair.

Journeyman HVAC

Performs or supervises the installation, improvement, extension, alteration, or repair of HVAC systems under the direction of an HVAC contractor.

Journeyman Electrician

Fire alarm systems, or any part thereof, which generate, transmit, transform, or utilize electrical energy in any form, including the electrical installations and systems within plants and sub-stations, all in compliance with applicable plans, specifications, codes, laws, and regulations.

Master Electrician

This license is needed to supervise direct or take responsible charge of any Electrician who is engaged in the construction, alteration, or repair of any electrical wiring used for the purpose of furnishing heat, light or power.

Master HVAC

Air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, ventilation systems, duct systems, warm air systems, low-pressure boiler, and unfired pressure vessel systems, solar heating and cooling systems, and related appurtenances unlimited in horsepower or tonnage.

Plumber Journeyman

A Journeyman Plumber means any person qualified and certified by the board to supervise or perform the skilled work of installing plumbing fixtures or systems or any part thereof.

Plumber Master

Plumbing or who engages in, offers to engage in, or advertises or otherwise represents that he is permitted or qualified to engage in the design, planning, superintending, contracting for, or responsible charge of plumbing.