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Utah Contractor License

Utah Contractor Licenses are issued by the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (commonly known as the DOPL). The DOPL is partnered with ProV© to administer testing for Utah contractors. The Utah Contractor Business and Law exam is now offered in both English and Spanish. Utah does not have reciprocity with any other state. Utah allows for licensure by endorsement.

Select a license to view its requirements, scope of work, exams, books, and classes.

Business and Law

This test is required for the General Contractor licenses

Apprentice Electrician

Learn the electrical trade under a certified master electrician, residential master electrician, a journeyman electrician, or a residential journeyman electrician

Apprentice Plumber

Learn about the plumbing trade under a licensed master plumber, residential master plumber, journeyman plumber, or a residential journeyman plumber

Asphalt & Concrete (S260)

Fabrication, mixing, construction, and batching of concrete products

Boiler, Pipeline, Waste Water, and Water Conditioner (S410)

Fabrication, construction, and installation of boiler, piping, and water systems

Burglar Alarm Company License

Sale, maintenance, installation, and service of alarm systems

Burglar Alarm Company Qualifier License

Make work-related decisions and manage employees of the licensee

Carpentry & Flooring (S220)

Construct, install, place, or repair materials like wood, metal, or plastic

Combination Inspector

Inspect the components of buildings to ensure compliance with state codes and determine further actions

Drywall, Paint, and Plastering (S270)

Construct, install and apply drywall, insulate media, and apply coatings or pigments

Elevator (S510)

Construct, erect, install and maintain elevators

Elevator Mechanic

Service, construct, or install an elevator under the supervision of an elevator contractor

Factory Built Housing (R200)

Install, disconnect, or setup manufactured housing

Fire Suppression Systems (S370)

Fabrication, installation, and layout of fire protection systems

Foundation, Excavation, and Demolition (S310)

Move or place materials on the earth’s surface by use of hand tools or machinery

General Building (B100)

Perform or superintend the construction of structures used for shelter, enclosure of persons, among others. Must subcontract for any electrical, plumbing, or mechanical-related work

General Electrical (E200)

Fabrication, construction and installation of apparatuses that use electrical energy, such as generators and electrical wires

General Engineering (E100)

Perform or superintend construction of fixed works that requires knowledge on the field of engineering

General Plumbing (P200)

Fabricate or install material and fixtures in a building to provide means to get a safe supply of pure water and gases, as well as means to remove impurities

HVAC (S350)

Fabricate and install heating, air conditioning, ventilating systems and refrigeration equipment. Must subcontract for any electrical, plumbing or gas-related work

Electrician (JE) Journeyman

Wiring, installation, and repair of electrical equipment

Plumber (JP) Journeyman

Engage in work related to the plumbing trade

Landscape & Recreation (S330)

Grade and prepare land; arrange and plant gardens; construct, fabricate and install structures such as swimming pools, fireplaces, retaining walls, decks, and sports courts, among others. Must subcontract for any electrical, plumbing, or gas-related work

Limited Inspector

Subject to limitations, Inspect building components and take appropriate action to ensure compliance with state construction codes. Must maintain certificates under state construction codes

Limited Scope (S700)

Limited to perform the scope of allowable work in specialized areas of construction

Electrician (ME) Master

Plan, layout, and supervise the wiring, installation, and repair of electrical equipment

Plumber (MP) Master

Planning and layout projects. Supervise persons in the plumbing trade

Masonry, Siding, Stucco, Glass, and Rain Gutter (S230)

Construct, fabricate, and install parts such as glass, metal ridges, concrete blocks, gypsum tile, and shower pans

Modular Unit Installation (B200)

Install and set up modular units. Includes the construction of foundations, placing and securing of the modular units to the foundations if required

Radon Mitigation (S354)

Layout, fabricate, and install radon mitigation systems. Does not include work on heat recovery ventilation, makeup air components, or electrical trade work

Residential Electrical (E201)

Construct, fabricate, and install disconnecting means, grounding devices, panels, conductors, load centers, lighting and plug circuits, appliances, and fixtures in a residential unit

Residential Electrician (RJE) Journeyman

Installation, wiring, and repair of electrical equipment on buildings using primarily nonmetallic sheath cable

Residential Plumber (RJP) Journeyman

Limited to the plumbing of residential buildings

Residential Electrician (RME) Master

Plan, layout, and supervise the wiring, installation, and repair of electrical equipment on residential projects

Residential Plumber (RMP) Master

Plan and layout projects. Supervise persons in the plumbing trade as limited to the plumbing of residential buildings

Residential Plumbing (P201)

Fabricate or install fixtures or material to provide both safe supply of pure water, gas and means for waste disposal

Residential & Small Commercial (R100)

Superintend or perform single-family, multifamily, and commercial constructions

Residential/Small Commercial NonStructural Remodel/Repair (R101)

Remodel and repair existing structures under $50,000 in total cost, without any change to the bearing portions of the existing structure

Roofing (S280)

Apply and install roofing materials, non-electrical skylights, and insulating media. May subcontract for electrical skylights

Sign Installation (S440)

Install electrical or non-electrical signs and graphic displays that require installation permits or permission from state or local governmental jurisdictions

Solar Photovoltaic (S202)

Fabricate, construct, replace and install photovoltaic modules and similar components