Hourly SEO Service for Contractors


Our Hourly SEO Service for Construction Contractors is an industry-standard and has helped successful US construction firms reach more customers and out-compete fellow contractors in their trades.

Elevate your construction business's online presence with our specialized SEO Hourly Service, explicitly designed for construction contractors. This time-tested service is your blueprint for success in the competitive digital landscape, ensuring your services are visible to the customers you need. Here's how our hourly SEO services can help build your site's online authority and reach:

  • SEO Audits for Construction Websites: We start with a comprehensive audit of your construction website, identifying your trade's unique challenges and opportunities and how you interact with your market (e.g., as a sub or a prime contractor), the sector (e.g., commercial, residential, service), the type of customers you need, and your competitive advantages, to exploit them through a robust SEO strategy
  • Tailored SEO Strategy Development: Our expert team crafts a customized SEO strategy that targets the specific goals of your construction business, focusing on sustainable growth and high visibility in search results, while maintaining alignment with your business's unique characteristics, not just blinding chacing more leads (e.g., being visible to homeowners is not beneficial to you if you are concrete sub working on shells)
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research for Construction Services: We dig deep into construction-trade-specific keyword research (we speak construction), uncovering the terms your potential clients use when searching for construction services, ensuring your content directly addresses their needs. SEO consultants who do not understand the different construction trades will waste much of your money. Before working with us, one of our clients spent significant amounts of cash in ranking for "insulation" searches; he is a mechanical contractor (mechanical insulation) and received hundreds of no-value calls from people requesting quotes on batt, rigid, and blown-in
  • Content Marketing Campaigns for Contractors: Showcase your construction expertise through targeted content marketing that your customers search for. From detailed project showcases to informative blog posts on construction trends, we create content that builds trust and authority
  • Trade-Specific Expert Content: Stand out with expert content highlighting your unique skills and projects. Our content specialists produce industry-leading articles, guides, and case studies that cement your reputation as a construction authority, highlighting to your potential customers why they need your services and not your competitors. We can get technical and explain to your potential customers what they need to know to decide to hire you!
  • Local SEO for Contractors: We fine-tune your online presence for local search, ensuring your business ranks prominently in local directories, maps, and search queries, connecting you with clients in your service area. Our clever integrations allow your customers to seamlessly receive answers to their questions, and rest assured that you will take care of their needs so that they don't need to continue shopping around
  • Dedicated SEO Consulting & Long-term Partnership: Receive ongoing SEO consulting tailored to your trade and area of operations. Whether addressing specific challenges or planning for future growth, our long-term partnership ensures you're always ahead of other contractors. Continuously understand who is selling what, how, and for how much so that you can adjust your operation accordingly and stay ahead
  • On-Page SEO for Construction Sites: From service pages to portfolio galleries, we optimize your site's content and structure, making it more attractive to search engines and potential clients. Our on-page SEO involves hands-on optimization of your code. Most SEO consultancy firms draw a clear line between marketing and code, but we are a Web Tech company and have been for many years; we have the in-house knowledge to professionally manipulate your HTML code, your structured data JSONs, and much more
  • Page Speed Optimization: Ensure your website loads quickly, offering a smooth browsing experience that retains visitors and improves search engine rankings. We can customize your front-end and back-end development to obtain big wins on page loading time, which is an essential factor in your SERPs ranking
  • CWV (Core Web Vitals) Tracking for Construction Websites: We monitor and optimize your website's performance based on Core Web Vitals, focusing on speed, responsiveness, and stability, which are crucial for mobile users and search rankings
  • Tool Configuration and Training for Construction Teams: We can equip you or your team with the necessary SEO tools and knowledge, empowering you to monitor your website's performance and make informed decisions to drive growth. We can configure and deploy GTM, Looker Studio, GA4, search console, and many more digital marketing tools larger construction companies use

Accessing this SEO Hourly Service for Construction Contractors is your gateway to leveling the online playing field against large construction firms. With our expertise, your construction business will rank higher in search results and attract more qualified leads and projects. Let's build your online presence together, ensuring your construction services are seen and chosen by those who most need them.