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Contractor tests in Florida are open-book and timed, so you will need to know how to find information and solve math problems within minutes, passing is difficult but you don't have to do it alone. Let us help you pass your contractor exams quickly so you can get back to running your business. Our classes teach you how to do two things: (1) Find information within the books and (2) Solve math problems. You can start taking classes as early as today! You can take these classes Online as well as In-Person in Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, and Fort Lauderdale. VIEW IN-PERSON SCHEDULE..

Practice Questions

Let's see how you match up against some typical test questions! Read each question carefully and select the best option, then click on "Submit" to get the right answer as well as an explanation of how to solve it! If you don't do so well, don't worry, just sign up and start preparing for your exam within minutes.

Question 1: Consider the following transaction: You are receiving $1,000 USD from one of your customers. Your customer owed you that money since you performed some work at her property two months ago. Which one of the following is the correct way to account for the payment you are receiving (assume that the fact that you were owed the money had already been entered into your accounting system)?

Question 2: What would be the current ratio for a construction company with a fleet of work trucks worth $190,000, an inventory worth $25,000, a checking account with $86,000 on it, payroll taxes payable of $18,000, and a long-term note payable for $126,000?

Question 3: How many roofing squares are needed to cover a gable roof on a 1,600 SF building? Please assume the following: (1) Each side of the roof has a 1:1 slope (45-degrees), (2) The building is perfectly square and symmetrical, and (3) A roofing square is equal to 100 square feet.

Question 4: The walls on an excavation must be sloped at a particular angle based on the type of soil being excavated. For Example, OSHA requires walls on type “B” soil excavations to have a 1:1 slope (45 degrees). Let’s assume an excavation 10’ deep which must have a minimum width of 40’ and a minimum length of 50’. Let’s also assume this excavation is class “B” soil and must be sloped in accordance to OSHA. What is the volume of the excavation in cubic yards?

Question 5: There are 7.48 gallons on a cubic foot of space. How many gallons of water are there in a 12’ by 20’swimming pool with a graded-depth which goes from 3’ to 8’ from one end to the other? Assume the swimming pool is filled all the way to the very top.

Lecture Videos

When preparing for a test not all subjects share the same level of difficulty. Some subjects are considerably more difficult than others, specially those which relate to performing specific calculations. Our instructors create hundreds of videos explaining how to solve different types of problems and explaining different subjects, specially those which are a bit difficult for most students. Below is a sample video covering a blow-count calculation for pile driving. This video is kindly shared by one of our instructors teaching a General Engineering class. Please note this is meant to be a sample and will most likely not be part of the subjects covered by your particular exam.



Signing Up and Getting Started

Signing up for your classes is simple, just follow the following steps:

  • Click on the 'Contractor Licenses' on the main menu (above).

  • Select the license you need (if you cannot find the right license or have questions, just give us a call and we'll find it for you).

  • Add the classes to your shopping cart and pay for them.

  • Check your inbox for the ID and password to the eCampus.

  • Put in said ID and Password on our eCampus page ( first image below.

  • After logging in you will see all modules which make up your study program (you click on them to access the documents, videos, quizzes within each module)--See second image below.

  • If you wish to go to any of our in-person review classes, simply visit our Review-Classes Schedule and follow the instructions--they are free to all our students!

Where to put your ID and Password to access the eCampus

Enter your ID and Password on the eCampus to access your study material


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This is what your learning modules look like once you log in to your eCampus (Note that your individual modules vary depending on the test you are preparing for)

Classroom Classes

Picture taken at one of our in-person classroom-style classes