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Michigan Contractor Licenses

The State of Michigan has no reciprocity agreements in place with any other state. Select any of the licenses below to view its requirements, exams, books, and classes.

Business and Law

Business and Law tests that contractors listed under the Maintenance and Alteration category will be required to pass along with the trade exam

Residential Builder

Build, remodel and wreck residential properties, including pre-assembled houses and shells

Maintenance and Alteration

Demolishing, remodeling, and reselling residential structures, including townhouses of no more than three stories

Basement Waterproofing (T)

Basement waterproof coatings

Boiler Installer 1B

Install low-pressure boilers under 1,000,000 BTU/hour firing rate

Boiler Installer 2B

Installation of low-pressure boilers of any firing rate

Boiler Installer 3B

Includes scope for class 2B license, install/repair non-boiler external piping (ASME code B31.1), and boilers up to 5,000 lbs of steam per hour

Boiler Installer 4B

Covers scope for class 3B license plus installation of boilers (maximum 300,000 lbs of steam per hour)

Boiler Installer 5B

Same scope as class 4B license plus boilers of any firing rate, except those with a nuclear heat source

Boiler Installer 6B

Install all boilers, including those with a nuclear heat source within its system

Boiler Piping (Installer and Repairer)

Install and repair non-boiler external piping (ASME B31.1)

Boiler Repairer I

Boiler repair, not including welding, riveting or other fabrication processes

Boiler Repairer II

Covers class I license scope plus the maintenance of hot water supply and fire tube boilers of any pressure

Boiler Repairer III

Repair high-pressure boilers, repair and replace non-boiler external piping (ASME B31.1), and all work covered by the class II license

Boiler Repairer IV

Covers the scope defined for the class III license plus field-erect and replace boilers of any pressure, but not those with a nuclear heat source

Boiler Repairer V

Includes the scope for class IV license and reparation of boilers with a nuclear heat source

Carpentry (A)

Wood framing, structural and finish carpentry

Concrete (B)

Placing, finishing, pouring, and forming structural and non-structural concrete structures


Air conditioning and non-AC duct systems

Dumbwaiter (DW) Class C

Install and service dumbwaiter systems

Dumbwaiter (DW) Class C Journeyperson

Supervise the install or repair of dumbwaiters (no direct contracting)


All types of electrical systems

Electrical Journeyman

Electrical wiring installation and alteration (non-contractor)

Elevator Class A

Construction and maintenance of elevator systems

Elevator Class A Journeyperson

Supervise, install and maintain elevators while working under a contractor

Elevator Maintenance and Repair Class B

Elevator reparation and maintenance

Elevator Maintenance and Repair Journeyperson Class B

Oversee the maintenance and repair elevators

Excavation (D)

Manual and mechanical manipulation of soil materials

Facility Electrical Non-Contractor

Can legally work on the electrical systems of facilities within the context of facility management (not a contractor’s license)

Fire Alarm

Fire alarm systems and equipment

Fire Alarm Specialty Technician

Fire alarm systems design, installation, and alteration

Fire Suppression

Install fire-suppression and fire-extinguisher discharger systems

Fuel Gas Piping

Install piping, valves, and fittings (from outlet to inlet) used for natural and manufactured gas, or a mixture of both, and liquified petroleum

Fuel Gas Piping and Venting

Install fuel gas piping and continuous open passageways from the flue collar to the outside

General Elevator Inspector

Inspects elevators (must hold a general certificate of competency)

Gutters (O)

Install and repair gutters for rainwater displacement on roofs

House Wrecking (R)

Demolition of houses and buildings

HUD Installer

Install new manufactured homes (not previously occupied units)

HVAC Equipment (includes ductwork and gas piping)

Install HVAC systems, ductwork, gas piping and venting

Hydronic Heating and Cooling and Process Piping

Assemble hydronic heating and cooling systems, process piping, combustion air, gas piping, and venting

Insulation Work (G)

Thermal insulation using any type of material

Journeyman Plumber

Plumbing installation without directly contracting

Limited Heating Service

Servicing fuel-fired heating systems (maximum 399,000 BTUs) and sectional boilers (up to 1,000,000 BTUs)

Limited Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service

Service refrigeration/air conditioning systems employing the refrigeration cycle and group-one refrigerants

Limited-Use Limited Application Elevators (LULA) Class C

Construction and maintenance of Limited-Use Limited-Application elevator systems

Limited-Use Limited Application Elevators (LULA) Class C Journeyperson

Supervise or install/repair Limited-Use Limited Application elevators on behalf of a licensed contractor

LP Distribution Piping

Install fuel gas piping from first stage regulator outlet to second stage regulator inlet

Masonry (I)

Construction and maintenance of structures made of bricks, sand, stone, cement blocks, etc.

Master Electrician

Supervise the installation of electrical wiring equipment following standard rules and regulations

Master Plumber

Plan and supervise the installation of plumbing sytems

Mobile Homes Installer and Repairer

Set up and maintain manufactured homes

Painting & Decorating (J)

Paint and decorate houses and buildings

Platform Lifts (PL) Class C

Erect and maintain platform lifts systems

Platform Lifts (PL) Class C Journeyperson

Supervise the installation and servicing of platform lifts


Plumbing sytems using any known plumbing materials and components

Private Residence Elevators (RES) Class C

Private residential elevators

Private Residence Elevators (RES) Class C Journeyperson

Supervise, erect or repair private residence elevators (not contracting)


Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment

Roofing (M)

Shingle, metal, tile, flat, and any other type of roofing system


Must have salesperson license if soliciting or securing, for compensation, business for a residential builder or Maintenance and Alteration contractor

Screens & Storm Sash (N)

Assemble interior and exterior features for windows and certain types of doors

Security Alarm System

Assemble and service security alarm systems

Siding (K)

Cladding of interior and exterior building surfaces

Sign Specialist

All types of electric signs

Sign Specialty

Assemble and maintain electric sign devices, as well as their wiring

Solid Fuel Equipment and Vented Decorative Gas Appliances

Install combusted solid fuel heat equipment and vented gas appliances

Solar Heating and Cooling

Install systems that utilize solar energy for heating or cooling

Special Elevator Inspector

Elevator inspections requiring a special certificate of competency

Stairway Chairlifts (SC) Class C

Installation and maintenance of stairway chairlift systems

Stairway Chairlifts (SC) Class C Journeyperson

Supervise the installation or maintenance of stairway chairlifts

Swimming Pools (S)

Construct and service swimming pools

Tile & Marble (P)

Install several types of tile and marble in residential or commercial buildings (indoor and outdoor)

Unlimited Heating Service

Service heating equipment of any thermal capacity, fuel oil grade and fuel type

Unlimited Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service

Service refrigeration or air conditioning equipments, or any system employing the refrigeration cycle with no thermal capacity or type of refrigerant restrictions