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Florida Contractor Licenses

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FL State Licenses

General Contractor

Unlimited height and scope of work, can sub-out all mechanical and electrical trades

Business Exam

This exam is needed by all state construction contractors in FL


Up to three stories (new construction), unlimited remodeling

Class A Air Conditioning

Unlimited HVAC work

Class B Air Conditioning

Limited to 25 tons of cooling and 500,000 BTUs of heating

Gas Line

Natural Gas installations and repairs

Glass and Glazing

Windows, glass, prefabricated curtain walls and storefront panels

Gypsum Drywall

Drywall, incidental framing, base/finish coats


Sprinklers, controllers, sensors, pumps


Docks, piers, boathouses, ramps, seawalls, boatlifts


HVAC plus pressure, pneumatic, LP, chemical, vacuum line piping


Water supply, drainage, septic tanks, medical gas

Pollutant Storage

Polluntant storage tanks

Pool and Spa Commercial

Build and service any pool

Pool and Spa Residential

Build residential pools, service any pool

Pool and Spa Service

Service any pool, no new pool construction


Build and remodel houses, no commercial construction


Install and maintain all types of roofs

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal and fiberglass for air-handling equipment ductwork


Solar water heating, pool heating, photovoltaic

Specialty Structure

Pool cages, sheds, soffit, fascia, gutters

Underground Utilities

Utility lines, site development


Alarm Systems I

Fire and burglar alarms

Alarm Systems II

Burglar alarms (does not include Fire Alarm)

Lighting Maintenance

Maintenance and repair, no new installs

Limited Energy (Low Voltage)

Telecommunication, automated access control, CCTV, structured cabling, data networks

Residential (Electrical)

Limited to 2 stories, single phase, 400-ampere single service

Sign (Electrical)

Any electrical sign, limited to a max of 25Kw at 250V if self-standing

Unlimited (Electrical)

Master electrician (includes the scope of ALL electrical categories)

Utility Line (Electrical)

Electrical transmission lines

Fire Protection

Fire Protection I

All types of fire protection

Fire Protection II

Water spray and foam-water

Fire Protection III

CO2, foam, dry chemical

Fire Protection IV

Detached single-family dwelling

Fire Protection V

Underground piping from point-of-service to no more than 1 foot above finished floor

Contractor Campus is a Florida Construction and Electrical School which specializes in Contractor Licensing. Since most contractor licenses in Florida require contractors to pass one or more exams, Contractor Campus offers Exam Prep classes designed to help contractors pass their tests the first time. With classes in Orlando, Fort Myers, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale, as well as online, Contractor Campus offers more classroom time than any other Construction School and Bookstore in Florida.

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