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West Virginia Contractor License

West Virginia contractors are regulated by the West Virginia Contractor Licensing Board through the Division of Labor. The Office of Environmental Health Services (OEHS) and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) are in charge of regulating some specialty licenses.

The Board had partnered with ProV© for testing purposes, but starting November 1st, 2022, PSI© will be taking over the testing process.

The state of West Virginia currently holds reciprocity agreements with the following states:

Select any license below to view its requirements, exams, books, and classes.

Business and Law

Examination covering the fundamental management abilities required to run a construction business

Accessibility Technician

Accessibility equipment work

Apprentice Electrician

Helper-level electrical work under direct supervision

Asbestos Removal (Specialty 062)

Removal of asbestos, preparation of the work site, and placing and removal of equipment and structures from the site

Asphalt (Specialty 006)

Perform work on asphalt and blacktop

Cable (Specialty 020)

Work on conductors to transmit telecommunication signals or electric power from one place to another

Cable Television (Specialty 068)

Perform cable television installation

Carpet Installation (Specialty 051)

Perform carpet installation work

Caulking (Specialty 018)

Sealing of joints or seams against leakage in structures

Ceilings (Specialty 084)

Work on acoustical and suspended ceiling tile, as well as drop ceilings

Class A Electrical Inspector

Perform basic electrical inspections on one- and two-family dwellings only

Class B Electrical Inspector

Perform electrical inspections on all structures, including one- and two-family dwellings

Class C Electrical Inspector

Electrical inspectors can work on plan reviews and do inspections on all structures, which include one- and two-family dwellings

Communication & Sound (Specialty 019)

Work on cell towers, communication networks, fiber optics, intercom systems, and conduits for private phone lines

Concrete (Specialty 007)

May work installing, repairing, and reinforcing concrete

Crane (Specialty 037)

Erect tower crane only

Decks (Specialty 083)

Perform work on boat docks, decks, and porches

Demolition (Specialty 016)

Take part in demolitions, railroad track, and storage tank removal

Doors (Specialty 017)

Perform door and garage door installation

Drilling (Specialty 036)

Work on drilling, grouting, deep foundation, drilling, and directional drilling

Drywall (Specialty 001)

Carry out work on drywall, gypsum board, plastering, and steel wall partition


Install, repair, erect or alter electrical equipment

Electrical Inspector Certification

Perform electrical inspections

Elevator Apprentice

Work under the supervision of a certified Elevator Mechanic

Elevator Mechanic

Construct, install, erect, maintain and repair elevators

Engineered Fire Suppression System Installer

Set up, extend, maintain, or repair agent suppression systems

Engineered Fire Suppression System Technician

Upkeep and/or repair agent suppression systems

Environmental/Hazardous Waste (Specialty 079)

Work on fields involving lead abatement, hazardous waste, and storage tank removal

Excavation (Specialty 002)

Install, repair, and alter earth material

Fencing (Specialty 023)

Install and work on fences, including wood and chain link fences

Finished Carpentry (Specialty 058)

Conduct work on finished carpentry doors, windows, interior finish work, and stairs cabinetry

Fire Protection Layout Technician

Design fire protection systems following engineering documents

Floor Covering (Specialty 027)

Perform work on vinyl floor

Foundation Support Systems (Specialty 089)

Perform foundation repair that includes wall anchors and waterproofing

General Building

Direct work with built structures for the support, shelter, and enclosure of persons, animals, chattels, or movable property

General Engineering

Carry out engineering and construction projects, both public and private, as well as post-work activities

Glass & Glazing (Specialty 082)

Perform glass and glazing work on buildings' fixed openings

Gutters (Specialty 030)

Perform work on gutters, both in stick-built and modular constructions

Heating, Ventilating and Cooling

Install, repair, or service HVAC systems to heat or cool commercial and residential structures

Highway Striping (Specialty 031)

Work on asphalt striping and paint lines on roads or other surfaces

Home Inspector Certification

Perform home inspection and create reports

HVAC Residential Technician

Test, maintain, repair, and install residential HVAC systems

HVAC Technician

Test, maintain, and install residential and nonresidential HVAC systems

HVAC Technician in Training

Work on HVAC systems under direct supervision

Insulation (Specialty 026)

Perform insulation work

Journeyman Electrician

Install wires, conduits, equipment, apparatus, and fixtures

Journeyman Plumber

Instruct and supervise a Plumber in Training

Journeyman Sprinkler Fitter

Instruct and oversee fire protection tasks based on work experience with fire protection systems

Landscaping (Specialty 003)

Perform work on decorative, concrete, and retaining walls; may also plant trees on construction projects

Land Clearing (Specialty 024)

Work on land clearing for residential, commercial, highway, and mining projects

Limited Technician

Perform work on a historic resort hotel

Limited Use/limited Application Elevator Endorsement

Allows working on a power elevator limited by capacity, size, speed, and rise

Locksmith (Specialty 060)

Perform locksmith work

Low Voltage Systems (Under 50 Volts) (Specialty 012)

Work on alarm systems, fiber optics, intercom systems, and cell towers, among others

Manufactured Home Dealer

Lease, distribute, or accept consignment manufactured homes

Manufactured Home Distributor

Sale and distribution of manufactured homes for resale

Manufactured Home Installation (Specialty 013)

Work on manufactured homes, foundation systems, gutters, mobile home anchoring, and site preparation

Manufactured Home Manufacturer

Fabricate or assemble manufactured homes

Masonry (Specialty 004)

Install brick, stone, concrete block, marble, and slate, among others

Master Electrician

Design electrical systems, supervise and instruct workers

Master Plumber

Install, maintain and alter piping, water and gas piping, plumbing fixtures and appliances


Construct, repair, or improve multifamily residential structures

Painting (Specialty 015)

Perform painting work


Installation of boilers, pressure vessels, and piping systems that fall under the power plants, air, oil, and gasoline categories

Plastering (Specialty 035)

Implement processes related to plastering, its elements, technique, and application

Plumber in Training

Trainee with interest, aptitude, and basic knowledge in the field but who cannot carry out plumbing work on their own


Installation, maintenance, alteration, and extension of plumbing fixtures, appliances, and appurtenances, as well as venting and water supply systems

Portable Fire Extinguisher Technician

Install, care for, fix, and certify portable fire extinguishers per NFPA 10 regulations

Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression System Installer

Install, upgrade, extend, or fix agent suppression systems

Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression System Technician

Maintain and/or repair agent suppression systems

Pressure Washing/Sandblasting (Specialty 053)

Practices involving the use of pressure washing and sandblasting (block or brick units)

Private Inspector

Inspect elevators in the State of West Virginia by possessing a valid certificate of competence

Reciprocal Journeyman

Licensed Journeyman (outside the State of West Virginia) who intends to execute their tasks in the territory by reciprocity means

Reciprocal Master

Licensed Master (by a State or Jurisdiction) who wishes to perform their regular activities in West Virginia through a reciprocal agreement

Reciprocal Specialty Electrician

Licensed Specialty Electrician (in a jurisdiction other than West Virginia) who aspires to take on trade tasks in this State under reciprocity terms

Remodeling & Repair (Specialty 005)

Modify and repair existing manufactured homes in accordance with the Housing and Urban Development Code


Construction, repair, or improvement of real estate used for, or intended for, residential occupancy

Residential Pools (Specialty 008)

Participate in projects involving residential swimming pools on private land, whether they are indoor or outdoor

Roofing (Specialty 010)

Offer roofing services and take part in the process of creating wood shakes

Septic & Sewer Systems (Specialty 063)

Work with septic and sewer tank systems on a commercial and/or residential level

Sheet Metal (Specialty 025)

Tasks involving sheet metal, sheet metal rolling, working ducts, and pipe insulation

Siding (Specialty 009)

Execution of siding activities, which may also include vinyl siding

Sign Installation (No Electrical) (Specialty 054)

Installation, alteration, repair, service, and modification of non-electrical signs and billboards

Soil Stabilization (Specialty 088)

Soil stabilization (rock slide) that does not imply heavy excavation


Participate in specialty contracting activities that do not substantially fit under the purview of pre-established contractor classifications

Specialty Electrician

Carry out specialized electrical work under a specific field or work area

Specialty Electric Sign Electrician (SP-ES)

Repair or install electric wiring or devices

Specialty Low Voltage Electrician (SP-LV)

Repair, install, or maintain low-voltage wiring

Specialty Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Electrician (SP-PH)

Install, maintain or repair plumbing, electric, and heating and air conditioning systems

Specialty Single Family Residential Dwelling Electrician (SP-SDF)

Perform installations and repairments only on electrical wiring and devices that are in or on a single-family residential dwelling

Sprinkler & Fire Protection (Specialty 014)

Install, repair, maintain, and conduct incidental work on fire suppression methods, including chemical and water sprinkler systems

Storage Tank Removal (Specialty 061)

Work on underground storage tank removal

Structural Steel Erection (Specialty 011)

Execute structural steel erection for walkways (expanded metal) and pallet racks (shelving)

Stucco (Specialty 087)

Specialize in tasks and activities that involve the handling of stucco

Temporary Journeyman

Aboveground hands-on electrical work while waiting for the next West Virginia Journeyman Electrician license examination date

Temporary Master

Undertake aboveground hands-on electrical work while awaiting the next examination date for the West Virginia Master Electrician license

Tile Installation (Specialty 086)

Conduct ceramic and resilient tile installations

Utilities (Sewer & Water) (Specialty 021)

Undertake water and sewer line installation and post-work on private projects for both commercial and residential premises

Water Well Drilling (Specialty 064)

Perform water well drilling activities

Welding (Specialty 071)

Carry out welding activities involving masonry and sheet metal

Window Installation (Specialty 069)

Perform work related to the installation of windows