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Utah Sign Installation (S440) Contractor License

The Sign Installation (S440) Contractor License allows you to do the following work:

  • Installation of electrical or non-electrical signs and graphic displays
    • Signs and graphic displays:
      • Lighted and unlighted signs
      • Permanent highway marker sign
      • Illuminated awning
      • Electronic message center
      • Sculpture or a graphic representation:
        • Animated, moving or stationary device used for advertising or identification purposes
        • Logo and trademark
        • Building Trim
        • Lighting with neon
        • Decorative fixtures
    • Non-electrical signs and graphics displays:
      • Outdoor sign that does not have electrical lighting or other electrical requirements

Electrical trade work is not included.

How to Get the Sign Installation (S440) Contractor License in Utah?

  1. Fill out the trade application form or:
  2. Complete an approved 25-hour pre-licensure course from one of the following Utah-approved providers:
  3. Attain a General Liability Insurance Certificate with the minimum required coverage of $100,000 for each incident and $300,000 in total and where DOPL is listed as certificate holder
  4. Register your business entity with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code
  5. Obtain a Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  6. Acquire the following if the applicant has employees:
  7. Obtain the following if the applicant does not have employees:
  8. Send the corresponding documents to:
    Heber M. Wells Building
    160 East 300 South
    P.O. Box 146741
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6741
  9. Expect a response from the department in a 4 to 6-week period