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Broward County Contractor Licenses

Select the Broward County contractor license you wish to obtain and the information on the scope of work, books, classes and exams related to it will be displayed on a new page.

GITS© Testing


Acoustic Ceilings

Aluminum Specialty Structure

Awning Erection

Bridges, Overpasses, Underpasses

Building Code Official

Building Code Official (High Velocity Hurricane Zone)


Cable Television


Class "A" General Building (General)

Class "B" General Building (Building)

Class "C" Residential Building (Residential)

Clearing and Grading

Commercial Pool/Spa

Concrete Driveways, Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks

Concrete Placing and Finishing

Demolition (Non-explosive)


Drywall and Lathing

Elevator Installation and Maintenance

Fabric Awning

Fence Erection

Finish Carpentry

Flatwork Concrete Specialty


Fuel Transmission and Distribution Lines

Garage Door

General Engineering



Heavy Marine


Insulation Journeyman

Interlocking Brick Pavers

Jack and Bore Installer

Light Marine

Major Roads


Minor Roads

Miscellaneous Metals Erection

Painting (Interior and Exterior)

Painting Unlimited


Pile Driving

Plans Examiners, Field inspectors


Plastering and Stucco

Residential Interior Remodeling

Residential Pool/Spa

Roof Decks

Roof Painting and Cleaning


Rough Carpentry


Screen Enclosures


Shutter/Opening Protective

Secondary Utility & Excavation

Sign Erection (Non-electric)

Steel Reinforcing and Iron

Structural Steel


Swimming Pool/Spa Servicing


Tile, Marble, and Granite


Underground and Aerial Utility Transmission and Distribution Lines

Underground Utility & Excavation


Window and Door



Alarm System I

Alarm System II

Fire Alarm System Journeyman

Journeyman Electrician

Limited Energy Systems Specialty

Limited Energy Systems Specialty Journeyman

Maintenance Electrician

Master Electrician

Solar Photovoltaic Systems Specialty Journeyman



Class “A” Air Conditioning

Class “B” Air Conditioning


Mechanical Insulation

Mechanical Journeyman

Pneumatic Control

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Journeyman

Transport Assembly


Plumbing and Irrigation


Journeyman Plumber

Lawn Sprinkler Plumber

Master Plumber

Broward County requires contractors to be approved by the licensing board before testing. You must submit your completed application to the licensing board prior to their next meeting so that they can review your application and approve it. Once approved, please contact us (Contractor Campus 954-543-8519) so we provide you with the books and classes you need before taking the exams.

Below are the license applications you must fill out and submit to the board before testing:

General Contractor


Specialty Building Contractor

Engineering; Mechanical; Electrical; Plumbing; Specialty Plumbing & Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Trades Contractor

This page is currently being updated. For the most current information on Broward County Contractor Licenses, please visit their website directly. Broward County Contractor License Information

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