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Lake County Contractor Licenses

Select a license to view its requirements, definition, exams, books, and classes. If your license is not listed as lake County License, please select a Florida License. Lake County requires all applicants to take the Business & Law examination. Except for the following three licenses: Journeyman Electrician, Journeyman Plumber/Pipefitter, and Journeyman Mechanical.

Lake has not made any decisions on how they will respond to House Bill 735 which will be into effect on July 2023. For any questions on how your County contractor license will be impacted by HB 735, contact the Lake Licensing Department by giving them a call at 352-343-9653 or sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Construction Licenses in lake County

Aluminum Structure

Installation of screened porches, screened enclosures, pool enclosures, pre-formed panel-post and beam roofs, mobile home panel roof-overs, residential glass, window door enclosures, vinyl panel window enclosures and single story self-contained aluminum utility storage structures not exceeding seven hundred twenty (720) square feet, wood work incidental to the aluminum and allied materials construction work, wood framing for walls of uninhabitable utility storage structures, raised wood decks for enclosures, and the  replacement of wood incidental to the installation of glass windows and doors, siding, soffit, fascia, gutters, and preformed panel-post and beam roofs.


Construction of any type of windows and doors.


Installation of concrete foundations designed to accept any structure when in the design of that structure, a footer is required, finishing of concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios and miscellaneous slabs.

Concrete and Masonry

Erection of brick and other clay products, rough cut and dress stone, artificial stone and precast blocks, glass brick or block, batch and mix aggregates, cement and water to agreed specifications, forms and framework for the casting and shaping of concrete, reinforcing steel and miscellaneous embedded steel, to place mesh reinforcement, plastic vapor barriers and edge forms, and finish concrete including flatwork.


Demolition of all buildings or residences regardless of height or number of stories.

Garage Door Installer

Construction of residential or commercial type garage doors, including all hardware and operating devices; 120 volt electrical installation required for the door operating devices.

Hurricane Protection Installation

Erection of awnings or canopies of metal including other materials, incidental thereto, in or on buildings or other structures.

Irrigation Sprinkler

Installation of lawn sprinkling systems, and any appliances, apparatus, or equipment connected therewith.

Journeyman Electrician (Competency only-Unable to obtain permits)

Installation of electric conductors, raceways, and equipment for light, heat, and power.

Journeyman Mechanical (Competency only-Unable to obtain permits)

Construction of air conditioning, refrigeration, piping vessels, warm air heating, low pressure boilers, ventilation systems, duct systems, insulation, and related appurtenances within a complete system unlimited in horsepower or tonnage.

Journeyman Plumber (Competency only-Unable to obtain permits)

Installation of any plumbing system, including drains, waste, sanitary vents, water supply, fixtures, and indirect wastes, gas piping systems, including gas piping, appliances, vents, flues, tanks, and other related appurtenances.


Construction of seawalls, bulkheads, docks, piers, wharfs, piles, boat lifts, davits, boathouses, and other marine structures.


Construction of brick, stone, and masonry products, structural glass brick or block, insulated concrete units, and the placement of reinforcing steel.

Siding, Windows & Doors

Installation of doors, windows and siding and similar accessories.

Plastering and Stucco

Application of the mixtures of sand or other aggregate, plaster, gypsum, portland cement, quick lime and water, or any combination of these materials.