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Palm Beach County Contractor Licenses

Select a license to view its requirements, definition, exams, books, and classes. If your license is not listed as Palm Beach County License, please select a Florida License. The following two licenses do not need to take the Business and Law exam: Journeyman Electrical, and Journeyman Plumbing.As stated by the The Construction Industry Licensing Board of Palm Beach County under the Rules and Regulations, Applicants have to take the Business and Law section of the exam with a minimum passing grade of 75%.

Palm Beach has not made any decisions on how they will respond to House Bill 735 which will be into effect on July 2023. For any questions on how your County contractor license will be impacted by HB 735, contact the Palm Beach Licensing Department by giving them a call at 561-233-5100 or sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Construction Licenses in Palm Beach County


Unlimited to height, area and complexity of construction undertaken. As to mobile home parks, the continuation of utility lines from the mains are to be considered a part of the main sewer collection and main water distribution systems; also installing room air conditioners, metal decking and siding, pile driving, telephone booths, transport assembly installation, curtain walls, window walls and for the work of any specialty contractor, as defined herein, except that of air conditioning contractors, refrigeration contractors, and elevator contractors.

Acoustical/Suspended Ceiling

Installation of any acoustical/suspended acoustical ceilings.

Aluminum Specialties

Installation of screened porches, screened enclosures, pool enclosures, preformed panel-post, and beam roofs, mobile home panel roof-¬overs, residential glass window enclosures, vinyl panel window enclosures, single-story self-contained aluminum utility storage structures (not to exceed 720 sq. ft.), siding, soffit, fascia, gutters, hurricane shutters, awnings, railings, decorative metals and aluminum fences (gutters on a single-family dwelling are excluded). Also, includes masonry concrete work and be limited to foundations, slabs, block knee walls, and walls not to exceed six (6) feet on a zero lot line property, incidental to the aluminum and allied materials construction work.

Apartment Maintenance Technician

Installation of at least 100 apartments at a single location, that makes minor repairs to existing electric water heaters or to existing electric heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.


Construction of commercial buildings and single or multiple-dwelling residential buildings, neither to exceed three stories in height or 36 feet and accessory use structures in connection therewith.


Construction of any wood products and their modern replacement products in or on a building including, but not limited to, rough framing, structural and nonstructural trusses, conventional rafters and metal framing and the work of the carpentry-finish contractor.

Carpentry – Finish

Installation of finish wood products and their modern replacement products, including paneling, cabinets/shelving, wood flooring, stair treads, risers and handrails, interior doors and frames (excluding exterior windows) and all hardware incidental therein, and non-structural incidental framing modifications.

Concrete Forming & Placing

Construction of batch and mix aggregates, cement, and water to agreed specifications, to construct forms and framework for the casting and shaping of concrete and pressure injected footings; and to place and erect reinforcing steel and miscellaneous embedded steel, and to place and finish concrete.


Installation of any natural/artificial stone, wooden countertops, including their modern replacement products.

Decorative Metal

Construction of metal railings, columns, handrails, and ornamental metals.


Demolish and remove structures, such as dwellings, commercial buildings, and foundations.

Dredging and Land Filling

Operating hydraulic dredging equipment that digs material and removes material by pump and places pumped material to a fill area in one operation.


Installation of drywall products to wood and metal studs, wood and steel joists, and metal runners in buildings of an unlimited area and height. It also includes the preparation of the surface over which the drywall product is to be applied, including the placing of metal studs and runners and all necessary trim, joint compound, taping, spraying of drywall products, knock-down, and popcorn finishes.


Installation of a system for electrical wiring for lights, heat or power, lightning protection systems, and all appurtenances thereto and all apparatus or equipment used in connection therewith including that of room air conditioning units only, and all electrical specialties.

Fabric Awnings

Construction of detachable cloth/synthetic cover material over a rigid metal frame designed to be used as a protection against sun and weather.


Installation of fencing, including wood, pre-cast concrete, and pre-fabricated fences and automatic gates, in compliance with safety, zoning, and building codes.

Garage Doors

Erection of residential or commercial type garage doors, including all hardware and operating devices.

Glass and Glazing

Installation of all makes and kinds of glass and glasswork, aluminum and glass curtain walls, window walls and the glazing frames, panels, sash and door and holding metal frames.


Combination of mixing materials and applying gunite or shotcrete.

HARV (Heating, A/C, Refrigeration & Ventilation)

Installation of unlimited in horsepower or tons, including all duct systems, sheet metal, incinerators, boilers, and unfired pressure vessel systems, solar heating and cooling systems and all appurtenances, apparatus or equipment used in connection therewith, also piping, ductwork, insulation of pipes, vessels and ducts.

High-Pressure Gas Pipeline

Construction of transmission and distribution lines for liquid or gaseous fuels under pressure in welded pipes, valves, meters and similar components as required to complete the system.

Hurricane Shutter/Awning

Installation of shutters and awnings that are designed to protect residential and commercial dwellings from hurricane and storm force winds and windborne debris. This contractor can brace existing garage doors to comply with said Code but shall not install new garage doors.


Installation of any insulation primarily installed to prevent loss or gain of heat from internal or external sources in pipes, vessels, ducts or built-up refrigerated boxes or rooms, and radiant barriers.

Irrigation Sprinkler

Installation of piping, sprinkler heads, control system components, pumps, and chemical injectors for irrigation of lawns and plant materials. Electrical work is limited to 50 volts except for connection of pigtailed equipment or replacement of identical controls and motors.

Journeyman Electrical

Must only perform work in the electrical trade while employed by and under the supervision of a certified electrical contractor.

Journeyman Plumbing

Installation of plumbing fixtures or systems. Must work under the supervision of a certified plumbing contractor.

Lightning Protection Systems

Connection of any lightning protection system, including all terminals, conductors, ground rods, fittings and all other system fastenings, connections, and bonding necessary to complete a system designed to protect structures and open spaces.

Low Voltage

Erection of wires or extend burglar alarm systems and communication and sound systems in single-family homes, duplexes, mobile homes, multifamily dwellings, and commercial buildings at less than 98 volts. Also includes installation of raceways, computer wiring, a conduit for private telephone, cable television systems (CCTV), video security systems, intercom, public address systems, and/or landscaping lighting to include plug and play devices but cannot install fire alarm systems.


Construction of seawalls, bulkheads, revetments, docks, piers, wharves, groins, boat lifts, davits and other marine structures, including pile driving.


To lay brick and concrete block, horizontal reinforcement incidental to the placement of the units or any other unit masonry products, lay brick and other baked clay products, rough cut and dress stone, artificial stone and pre-cast blocks, structural glass brick or block, but shall not place or finish concrete.


Preparation of surfaces and to apply paints, coatings and other finishes, excluding waterproofing of roofs.

Paver Brick/Paver Systems

Preparation of the base, provide proper drainage, to lay paver brick/paver systems. Shall not place or finish concrete, except that which is required for the placing of the paver brick/paver systems.


Construction of roads, airport runways and aprons, parking lots, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, property line walls, storm drainage facilities, residential driveways, paver brick/paver systems and to perform the excavating, clearing and grading incidental thereto.


Coating surfaces with a mixture of sand or other aggregate gypsum plaster, Portland cement plaster or quick-lime plaster and water, or any natural or synthetic materials to create a permanent surface coating. May perform the lathing work.


Connection of all piping fixtures, solar water heating systems, appliances, backflow prevention devices, appurtenances thereto and apparatus or equipment used in connection with a water supply and sewage disposal system and who can install piping, tubing, vessels, containers, pumps, apparatus and appurtenances in connection with such pressure piping used for the circulating, transporting, holding or processing of any vapor, fluid, liquid, semi-liquid or solids, attached to any building, lot or premises.

Reinforced Steel

Place and tie steel reinforcing bars (rods) of any profile, perimeter, or cross-section, may be used to reinforce concrete buildings and structures.

Re-Screener/Screen Repair

Installation of re-screening and the removal of existing structural elements that are incidental to re-screening.


Construction of one, two or three-family unit residences not exceeding two stories in height and accessory use structures in connection therewith.


Construction of roof deck insulation, roof coating, painting, waterproofing and covering, including use of sheet metal, other sheet metal products incidental to roofing work, wood roof sheathing and fascia during re-roofing or repair process.

Seal Coating/Striping

Installation of seal coat existing commercial and multi-family residential parking areas; application of prepared sealants to roadways, driveways, sidewalks, and other similar surfaces, including incidental striping, pavement markings, signage, wheel stops, and minor surface repair.


Connection of any electrical wires, apparatus, raceways, conduit or any part thereof on the interior or exterior electrical signs and is qualified to erect signs. Shall not include the provision of or any electrical work beyond the last disconnect mean or terminal points.


Installation of interior or exterior non-electrical signs according to the building code.

Structural Steel Erection

Erection of structural steel shapes and plates, including such minor field fabrication, of any profile, perimeter or cross-section, that may be used as structural members for buildings and structures, including riveting, welding and rigging, only in connection therewith.

Swimming Pool Construction

Installation of swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs, including the pumps, pool heaters, pool heat pumps, filters, and chlorinators and that piping incidental to the re-circulating system, including plumbing fixtures and potable water hook up. The contractor may install Child-proof Barrier (Kiddie) Fences, the slab for the pool deck, repair of concrete pavement damaged on-site during pool installation and replace pigtailed equipment or identical controls and motors that are necessary to the operation of the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance of both public and private pools, spas and hot tubs, both public and private, make minor repairs to existing pool masonry, such as patching cracks in pool bottoms and walls, repaint, resurface or reline the walls, bottoms of pools and resurface pool decks, install Child-Proof Barrier (Kiddie) Fences, and perform preventive maintenance to equipment such as filters and chlorinators, and to replace pigtailed equipment or identical controls and motors that are incidental to the operation of the swimming pool. May install pool heaters, including solar pool heaters and heat pumps.

Tennis Court

Construction of tennis courts, including the preparation of the surface, drainage, paving, surface topping, concrete, posts, and fencing. Cannot do lighting installation.

Tile, Terrazzo, and Stone

Installation of the backing material set, tile, terrazzo and marble, and to install laminate or non-nailable wood flooring. It also prepares the base.

TV Antenna and Satellite Dish

Erection of guy and anchor, satellite dishes and antennas. It cannot do electrical over 50 volts but can subcontract.

Underground/Overhead Transmission Lines

Installation of overhead transmission lines, wood or reinforced concrete poles, cross arms, fastening devices, underground electrical and communication transmission lines, manholes, splice pits, laying of rigid conduit incidental thereto; concrete block, concrete work, and backfill necessary or incidental thereto.

Underground Utilities

Construction on public/private property, of main sanitary sewer collection systems, main water distribution systems, and storm sewer collection systems, and the continuation of utility lines from the main systems to a point of termination up to and including the meter location for the individual occupancy, sewer collection systems at property line on the residential or single-occupancy commercial properties, or on multi-occupancy properties at manhole or wye lateral extended to an invert elevation as engineered to accommodate future building sewers, water distribution systems, or storm sewer collection systems at storm sewer structures. Shall not install any piping that is an integral part of a fire protection system, beginning at the point where the piping is used exclusively for such a system.

Window and Door

Installation of windows, doors, and hardware in connection therewith. This contractor shall not effect structural changes.

Wood Flooring

Preparation of the base including the backing material set, repair, install laminate, nail or non-nailable wood flooring, parquet wood, wood strips, and similar prefinished surface flooring materials which are prefabricated or cast in place including their modern replacements.

Journeyman are NOT allowed to contract directly, they must work under the direct supervision of a licensed contractor.