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Citrus County Licenses


GITS© | Prometric©

Installation of any wood product in a structure including, but not limited to rough framing, structural, and nonstructural work, trusses, sheathing, paneling, trim, cabinetry, interior doors and all hardware incidental thereto.


GITS© | Prometric©

Construction of concrete foundations designed to accept any structure when in the design of that structure, a footing is required. The scope of work of such contractor shall also include, but not be limited to, the pouring and finishing of concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, and miscellaneous slabs.


GITS© | Prometric©

Demolition of steel tanks more than 50 feet in height; towers more than 50 feet in height; other structures more than 50 feet in height; and all buildings and residences.

Plastering & Stucco


Application of sand or other aggregate and gypsum plaster, Portland cement, quicklime and water or any combination of such materials as to create a permanent surface coating including but not limited to, plaster, stucco, etc. Such contractor may apply and affix gypsum or lath or any other product prepared or manufactured, including the placement of metal studs and runners to which lath is to be applied, to provide key or suction bases for the support of the plaster coating. A plastering and stucco contractor may also apply Marcite to pools, but may not erect wood stud or masonry walls. Such contractor may also apply decorative finishes that are of a non-structural nature to include artificial stone, natural stone, and exterior insulated finish systems when applied as a veneer to an existing structure.

Structural Steel

GITS© | Prometric©

Construction of steel framework, columns, sheathing, beams, and fabrication of metal buildings.

Window & Door Replacement

GITS© | Prometric©

Installation of existing windows and exterior doors with others of the same or lesser size, requiring no modification to existing headers/lintels, or any part of any opening, and to install shutters or other protective panels over operable or inoperable glazing, all in accordance with approved engineering and adopted code.


GITS© | Prometric©

Application of masonry block, glass block, rough cut, artificial, or dress cut stone, insulated concrete wall units, brick or other unit masonry products, including the forming and pouring of the beams and lintels incidental to the masonry construction; as well as to pour place and finish concrete flatwork (floors, sidewalks, slabs on grade, etc.), including installation of wire mesh, steel reinforcement, vapor barriers and edge forms incidental thereto.