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A Florida Electrical Contractor (Unlimited) is a person who conducts business in the electrical trade field and who has the experience and knowledge install, repair, alter, add to, or design electrical wiring, fixtures, appliances, apparatus, raceways, and conduit, including the electrical installations and systems within plants and substations and ALL alarm systems and specialty categories. The Electrical Contractor's License in FL is the highest level of Electrical Licensure in the State. This license is commonly referred to as the Master Electrician's License. If your scope of work is limited to Fire and Burglar Alarms, Telecommunication,

Electrical Sign, or Utility Line contracting, the unlimited Electrical license might not be the right choice for you. This license is only meant for those contractors who wish to encompass the entire spectrum of electrical contracting. If you wish to only do Residential Electrical work, then the Residential Electrical Contractor's License is the one you need. Below is a wealth of information on becoming a Licensed Unlimited Electrical Contractor in the Sunshine State.

Electrical Contractor in Florida Installing Electrical Panel
Florida Electrical Contractor Installing an Industrial Electrical Panel

Licensing Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Obtain a passing score on the Electrical and Business tests before applying for licensure
  • Passing scores must be less than 2 years old If applying for active status
  • Submit a check for $300 USD payable to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. If applicant wishes to be inactive instead, the check must be in the amount of $55 USD only
  • Minimum business net worth requirement of $10,000 USD
  • Submit a report from a nationally recognized credit reporting agency, which includes a public records statement that records have been checked at local, state, and federal levels. Those applicants wishing to qualify a business must also submit a business report
  • Obtain a minimum liability insurance of $100,000/per person for public liability and $300,000/per occurrence; and $500,000 for property damage, or a minimum combined single limit policy of $800,000. Applicant must also attest to obtain worker’s comp coverage or an exemption within 30 days after license is issued

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Experience Requirements

A person will qualify for a certified Unlimited license by meeting one of the following requirements:

  • Must have three (3) years of management experience in the trade of electrical contracting within the last six (6) years immediately preceding the filing of the application
  • Must have four (4) years of experience as a foreman, supervisor or contractor in the trade within the last eight (8) years immediately preceding the filing of the application
  • Must have six (6) years of comprehensive training, technical education or supervisory experience associated with an electrical or alarm contracting business within the last 12 years immediately preceding the filing of the application
  • Must have at least six (6) years technical experience in related work with the Armed Forces or a governmental entity within the last 12 years immediately preceding the filing of the application
  • Must be licensed as an electrical professional engineer for three (3) years within the last 12 years. Provide a copy of current electrical professional engineer license and transcripts showing electrical engineering work
  • Must have a combination of experience listed in first three items above totaling 6 years within the last 12 years

You must also provide proof that 40% of the experience includes work in 3-phase services. Please note that 40 percent of 3 years full time experience is approximately 15 months, 40 percent of 4 years of full time experience is approximately 20 months, and 40 percent of 6 years of full time experience is approximately 29 months.Applicants are required to submit copies of W2’s to verify employment with the qualified business.

Submitting the Application Form

The applicant must submit complete application form along with supporting documentation and applicable fees to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation at 1940 North Monroe Street Tallahassee, FL32399-0783

Electrical Contractor Exams

Obtaining the Unlimited Electrical Contractor's License in Florida, aka Master Electrician's License, requires obtaining passing scores on both the Unlimited Electrical and the Business and Law Exams. Below is a detailed description of each one of the two exams.

Electrical Exam

This 5-hour exam contains 100 questions and covers the following subjects:

  • General Theory and Electrical Principles
  • Plan and Specification Reading and Interpretation
  • Wiring and Protection
  • Wiring Methods and Materials
  • Special Occupancies and Situations
  • OSHA
  • Safety
  • Procedures for Testing and Use of Tools and Equipment
  • Life Safety and Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Electrical Signs, Outline Lighting, and Structural Considerations
  • Alarms/ Limited Energy

Business Exams

This 2.5-hour exam contains 50 questions and covers the following subjects:

  • Maintaining Cash Flow
  • Estimating and Bidding a Job
  • Interpretation of Contracts and Agreements
  • Purchasing Control
  • Contract Scheduling
  • Obtaining Insurance and Bonding
  • Complying with Contracting Laws and Rules
  • Personnel Management
  • Complying with Payroll and Sales Tax Laws
  • Interpretation of Financial Statements and Reports
  • Management Accounting

Endorsements for the Unlimited Electrical License

The Florida Unlimited Electrical License is equivalent to the following liceneses:

    • California C-10
    • Colorado- CO Electrical Contractor Technical Exam

(Applicants must take Florida Business Exam for Licensure)

  • Georgia Class II Unrestricted with Georgia Low Voltage Unlimited
  • North Carolina Unlimited
  • Texas - TX Master Electrical Exam
    (Applicants must take Florida Business Exam for Licensure)


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