Michigan Security Alarm Systems Contractor License

The Security Alarm Systems Contractor License allows you to do the following work:

  • Install and maintain security alarm systems
  • Service and alteration
  • Monitoring

This license does not allow you to do the following work unless the business has a direct relation to:

  • Sell security alarm systems
  • Manufacture security alarm systems

How to Get a Security Alarm Systems Contractor's License in Michigan?

  1. Satisfy the following criteria:
    • Be at least 21 years old.
    • Be a high school graduate.
    • Have a clean criminal record.
    • Do not have a conviction related to any of the following in the last five years:
      • Lack of honesty or fraudulent actions
      • Disclosure, trading classified information or data
      • Impersonating a police officer or a worker of the US, or governmental subdivision of Michigan
      • Illicitly using or possessing a threatening weapon
      • Two alcohol-related infractions
      • Controlled substances under the public health code 1978 PA 368
      • Aggression
    • Have not been declared insane by a court, unless restored by a court order.
    • Do not have pending arrest warrants.
    • Have an office located in Michigan and an administrator who is a Michigan resident.
    • Have posted a $25,000 surety bond with the Department or furnishes an insurance policy in the amount of $25,000 for property damages, $100,000 for injury or death of one person, and $200,000 for injuries to or deaths of more than one person.
  2. Meet at least one of the following experience requirements:
    • Have a security alarm system contracting business for a period of not less than 3 years.
    • Have four years of full-time experience in a supervisory capacity working for a security alarm system contracting business as an employee of the holder of a certificate of authority to conduct such business.
    • If lacking the 4-year supervisory work experience, the Department will notify you authorizing you to take the exam.
  3. If applying for a new license, currently have a license with CSCL or want a renewal, submit a registration online in The Michigan Commercial Licensing, Enforcement and Regulation System (MiCLEAR).
  4. The enrollment will be reviewed to determine if the applicant meets the criteria.
  5. Once the requirements are approved, a letter will be sent to the applicant stating the fee amount based on the time needed for evaluation.
  6. Pay the required fee online via MiCLEAR.
  7. Take the PSI© examination.
  8. Receive the license upon obtaining passing scores on your test.

Michigan Security Alarm Systems Contractor License Exam Prep Course

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Michigan Security Alarm Systems Contractor License Exam

Below is all the information related to the trade exam, including the official reference list.

Michigan Security Alarm Systems Contractor Trade Exam

  • Testing Method: Computer-based testing
  • Testing Company: PSI©
  • Number of Questions: 100
  • Types of Questions: Multiple Choice
  • Time Allowed: 150 Minutes
  • Minimum Passing Score: 70% (70 questions)
  • Subjects Involved (No. of Questions):
    • Licensing, Business Knowledge, And Michigan Rules (13 Questions)
      • Licensing Requirements
        • Qualifications for obtaining license
        • Activities requiring a license and exemptions from licensure
        • Limitations on practice
        • Display of license
        • Reporting changes
        • Renewal of license
      • Bonding and Insurance Requirements
      • Advertising Rules, Records Maintenance, Employee Supervision, Safety Compliance, and Legal Concerns
        • Advertising rules
        • Records maintenance
        • Employee supervision and management
        • Safety rules and procedures compliance
        • Legal considerations (e.g., privacy, notice)
      • Labor Law and Michigan Taxation Rules
        • Labor law compliance
        • Michigan taxation rules
      • Uniforms, Insignia, and Contractual Issues
        • Uniforms and insignia
        • Contractual issues (e.g., right of rescission, type size)
    • Low Voltage Electrical System Basics (31 Questions)
      • Basic Electrical Theory
      • Electronic Components
        • General electronic components
        • Types of circuits
        • Power supplies
        • Surge protection devices
        • Electronic test equipment (e.g., VOM)
        • Troubleshooting techniques for electrical circuits and electronic devices
      • Grounding techniques
      • Internet Protocol (IP) and Internet connections
    • Components, Tools, And Installation Techniques (20 Questions)
      • System Components
        • Mechanical and electronic switches
        • Glass protection
        • Motion detection and interior traps
        • Shock sensors and audio discriminators
        • Video motion detection
        • Output devices (e.g., audible, visual)
        • User-initiated devices (e.g., holdup, panic, medical)
      • Installation Tools and Techniques
        • Installation Tools
        • Wireless/Wi-Fi device installation
        • Hard-wired device installation
        • Installation and wiring techniques (e.g., safety concerns, firestopping)
        • Application-specific cable use, including fiber optics
    • System Design And Programming (22 Questions)
      • System Design
        • Implementing client's risk analysis of premises and site survey techniques
        • Determining system layout and design
        • Electrical and building code compliance
      • System Programming
        • Panel programming techniques
        • Network protocols and technology (e.g., wireless)
        • Establishing and maintaining central station communication
        • Establishing and maintaining central station communication Security issues requiring interface with Information Technology (IT) departments (e g., secure connections, port allocation, bandwidth control, updates, patches)
    • Access Control Devices (9 Questions)
      • Access Control Devices
        • Locking and unlocking devices
        • Emergency egress devices and egress code requirements
        • Power supplies, including reserves
        • Control equipment
        • Minimizing system vulnerabilities
    • Closed-circuit Television (Cctv) System Integration (5 Questions)
      • Integration, Design, and Installation
        • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system when integrated with alarm system; design and installation
        • Programming control equipment
  • PSI© Security Alarm Systems Official Content Outline

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