2024 Contractor Live Classes Schedule

These classes are taught by construction professionals who understand the difficulty of the licensing exams. It is a live online environment where you will learn how to answer all the questions you will likely encounter during the tests. Please call or email us to attend so we reserve your spot. These live refresher classes are available to all our students but are not mandatory; all study programs are completed entirely online.

The online classes are unlimited and can be accessed whenever needed; you can also attend live online classes as needed. All live refresher online classes are on Saturdays from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM (ET); we teach how to solve math problems for trade, business, and finance problems.

Live Online Refresher Dates

These live exam prep refresher classes and seminars for contractor licensing tests are offered year-round. To register for these contractor exam classes, please call 866-986-7978. Notice that the live classes are done online and are not mandatory. Any Contractor Campus course can be taken entirely online in a self-paced manner without participating in any live training.

These live classes are offered for your benefit as a student; they are not offered to the general public.