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Texas Asbestos Consultant Agency License

The Asbestos Consultant Agency License enables the holder to conduct the following activities:

How to Get the Asbestos Consultant Agency License in Texas?

  1. Comply with the requirements set forth for Asbestos Consultant Agency:
    • For foreign or out of State Companies: Certificate of Authority to do business in Texas issued by the Secretary of State or proof of exemption filed
    • For all Companies: Documentation of exemption or evidence of good standing from the Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts or statement of exemption
    • Assumed Name Certificate for DBA operations
    • Complete Business Information Form
    • Asbestos Individual Consultant ID Card for the accountable person
    • Copies of the Responsible Individual Consultant recent Training Certifications and IDs (if relevant) for:
      • Air Monitoring Technician
      • Inspector
      • Management Planner
      • Project Designer
    • Evidence of Asbestos Abatement Liability Insurance coverage, including errors & omissions to cover the employed Asbestos Consultants and Inspectors
  2. Determine if the Asbestos Consultant Agency Application is available online
  3. Pay the corresponding application fee
  4. Expect a response from the Department after the application has been validated