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Texas Mold Assessment Consultant License

The Mold Assessment Consultant License allows you to do the following work:

  • Determine the location and extent of mold or suspected mold present in a facility
  • Certify that underlying causes of mold have been remediated after operations have concluded on a mold remediation project
  • Collect samples for mold analysis during initial mold assessments
  • Decide locations at which a Licensed Mold Assessment Technician will record observations, take measurements or collect samples
  • Prepare mold assessment reports, including observations made, measurements taken, locations of samples collected, analysis taken by the consultant or by a Licensed Mold Assessment Technician during mold assessments
  • Plan surveys to identify conditions favorable for indoor mold growth or to determine the presence, extent, amount or identify of mold or suspected mold on a building
  • Develop mold management plans for buildings, including recommendations for periodic surveillance, response actions, prevention, and control of mold growth
  • Follow mold remediation protocols, including the evaluation and selection of appropriate methods, personal protective elements (PPE), engineering controls, project layout, post-remediation plans and specifications
  • Record visual observation and take on-site measurements for temperature, humidity, and moisture levels during pre- and post-remediation mold assessments
  • Evaluate mold remediation projects to certify that mold contamination identified for the remediation project has been resolved as outlined in the corresponding protocol

How to Get the Mold Assessment Consultant Contractor License in Texas?

  1. Be over the age of 18
  2. Complete an initial Mold Assessment Consultant course, proof of this should be sent in alongside the Application Form. The certification of this course should come from a department accredited training provider, which can be confirmed on the Mold Training provider list
  3. Provide evidence of at least one of the following:
    • Bachelor’s or Graduate Degree from an accredited College or University with a Major in Natural or Physical Science, Engineering, Architecture, Building Construction, or Building Science and at least one year of field experience
    • At least sixty college credit hours graded C or higher in natural, physical, environmental or building sciences, plus at least three years of field experience
    • A High School Diploma or a GED Certificate plus at least five years of field experience
    • Evidence of being either an industrial hygienist, professional engineer, professional registered sanitarian, certified safety professional, or registered architect with at least one year of field experience
  4. Fill out and send in the Application Form with the required fee. The application can be completed with the Initial License Application Form or directly on the TDLR website through the online application
  5. Include in the application all the following information:
    • In the case of being employed by a Mold Assessment Company or individual, the employer must have an office in the State of Texas and, if applicable, also a license to perform such work. Information for both these details should be included
    • Regarding insurance, a copy of the employer’s certificate of insurance showing that the employer meets the requirement of maintaining a commercial general liability insurance policy must be turned in as well. If the applicant is self-employed, a copy of the applicant’s general liability insurance policy should be sent in instead
    • There are, however, a few scenarios in which the applicant might be exempt from providing such documentation:
      • Applicant is currently unemployed. Yet, before conducting any mold-related activity, proof of insurance should be provided to the department
      • Employer is currently licensed as a Mold Assessment Company or Mold Remediation Company with the TDLR
      • Applicant is employed by a governmental entity
      • The applicant is employed by a non-governmental entity that is considered “self-insured”. In this scenario, the applicant should submit a signed affidavit stating that the employer has a net worth of at least one million, plus a current financial statement indicating a net worth of at least one million
  6. Expect the PSI© notification once the application has been received, reviewed and approved, to schedule a date and place for the examination process

Texas Mold Assessment Consultant License Exam Prep Courses

Texas Mold Assessment Consultant License Exams

Below is all the information related to the trade exam, including the official reference lists.

Texas Mold Assessment Consultant Trade Exam

  • Testing Method: Computer-based testing
  • Testing Company: PSI©
  • Number of Questions: 100
  • Types of Questions: Multiple Choice
  • Time Allowed: 145 Minutes
  • Minimum Passing Score: 70% Correct
  • Subjects Involved (No. of Questions):
    • Safety and Health (10)
      • Worker Protection
      • Occupant Protection
    • Texas Rules and Regulations (15)
      • The Role of the Assessment Technician
      • The Role of the Assessment Consultant
      • The Role of the Remediation Contractor
      • Code of Ethics
      • Exceptions and Exemptions
      • Inspections and Investigations
      • Renewal Requirements
      • Legal Considerations
    • Fungal Biology and Exposure from Indoor Environments (15)
      • The Building Ecosystem (Sciences)
      • Dampness and Health
      • Microbial Survival and Growth
      • Secondary Fungal Contamination
    • Principles and Techniques of Mold Remediation (15)
      • Antimicrobial Technology and Use
      • Contents Remediation
      • Deviations from Standard of Care
      • Engineering Controls
      • Five Principles of Remediation
      • HVAC Remediation
      • Structural Remediation
    • Equipment, Tools, and Materials (10)
      • Containment Equipment, Tools, and Materials
      • Inspection and Monitoring Tools
      • Remediation (Production) Equipment and Tools
    • Inspection and Preliminary Determination (20)
      • Developing a Preliminary Determination
      • Project Specifications
      • Inspection Triggers and History
    • Administrative Procedures and Documentation (10)
      • Administrative Procedures Required by Rule
      • Project Documentation Required by Rule
      • Contracts
    • Post Remediation Verification and Clearance Criteria (5)
  • PSI© Mold Assessment Consultant Official Content Outline

Texas Mold Assessment Consultant Book Set

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Texas Mold Assessment Consultant Exam Books

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