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Application Process for Virginia Contractors

Businesses engaged in construction, repair, removal, or improvement of facilities on property owned by others are granted contractor licenses by the Board for Contractors. There are three classes by which the contractor licenses are categorized. Class A, B, and C. The classes are determined by the monetary value of projects that can be performed and specialty, which establishes what type of work is allowed. Applicants who selected Class A are required to take and pass the General, Virginia, and Advanced portions. Class B applicants must complete and successfully pass the General and Virginia portions of the examination. As for class C licenses, applicants are only required to pass the trade exam.

How to apply for a Virginia Contractor License?

    1. Create a business entity. Contractor licenses are issued to business entities, not individuals (ex. sole proprietorships, limited liability companies (LLC), partnerships, and corporations). Name that company and be sure to register that name (the company name must not exceed your licensing scope, for example, you cannot be called ABC Builder if you do not have a builder's license).
    2. Select a class type. For any business the class determines the monetary restrictions depending on the projects or contracts that a contractor may perform; choose between the following:
      • Class A: no monetary restrictions.
      • Class B: restricted to contracts/projects that are less than $120,000, with the total amount of all contracts/projects performed in a twelve month period remaining below $750,000.
      • Class C: restricted to contracts/projects that are less than $10,000, with the total amount of all contracts/projects performed in a twelve month period remaining below $150,000.
    3. Select the specialty that identifies the work that will be performed. The definition of each of the classifications can be found in the Board for Contractors Regulations.
    4. Identify a Qualified Individual(QI) minimum 30 hours per week and not a 1099 employee OR a Designated Employee and complete the examination. Class A and Class B contractors must have a Designated Employee who has completed the required examination portions. The General, Virginia, and Advanced portions must be passed for all Class A licenses. Class B contractor licenses must complete the General and Virginia portions of the examination. As with the Qualified Individual, the Designated Employee must be a member of Responsible Management or a bona fide full-time employee. Please note that there is no Designated Employee for Class C licenses.
    5. Complete a pre-license education course that has been approved by theDPOR-approved provider. The number of hours that are needed depends on the license type.
    6. Fill out and submit the completed application. Note there are separate applications for Individual Tradesmen, Well Systems Contractors, and Backflow Prevention Device Worker Certification.
    7. Send an application to the DPOR with the corresponding fee. Keep in mind that the state may take up to 30 days to process the application.
      • Requirements for Class A, B and C
        • Be at least 18 years old.
        • Be a full-time employee or a manager of the business.
        • Complete a board-approved basic business course.
        • Receive approval for examination or have been exempt from the exam required by § 54.1-1106 of the Code of Virginia.
        • Class A requires a minimum of five years of experience, Class B requires a minimum of three years, and Class C requires two years in the classification or specialty selected.
        • Disclose the following information about the firm, all members of the responsible management, the designated employee and the qualified individual for the firm:
          • Submit its financial information. Excluding any property owned as tenants by the entirety, the firm shall state a net worth or equity of $45,000 for Class A, and for Class B, any property with a net worth or equity of $15,000 or more.
          • Provide information on past debt, outstanding tax obligations, defaults on bonds pending, or past bankruptcies for the past five years.
          • Disclose any monetary penalties, fines, suspensions, revocations, or surrender of a license in connection with disciplinary action.
          • All non-marijuana misdemeanor convictions within three years of the date of application.
          • All felony convictions during their lifetimes.
    8. Pass the contractor exam(s), hold an existing certification or be licensed by the DPOR
      • Hold a certification for the following classification and/or specialty license:
        • Blast/Explosive (BEC)
        • Manufactured home Contracting (MHC)
        • Radon mitigation (RMC)
        • Fire Spinkler (SPR)
      • Hold a valid license issued from Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) for the following designation:
        • Alternative Disposal System (ADS)
        • Asbestos (ASB)
        • Accessibility Services (ASC)
        • Accessibility Services with LULA (ASL)
        • Conventional Disposal System (CDS)
        • Electrical (ELE)
        • Elevator/Escalator (EEC)
        • Lead Abatement (LAC)
        • Gas Fitting (GFC)
        • HVAC (HVA)
        • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
        • Natural Gas Fitting Provider (NGF)
        • Plumbing (PLB)
        • Water Well/Pump (WWP)
      • Be pre-approved and pass a mandatory examination for the following classification and/or specialty:
        • Alternative Energy Systems (AES)
        • Asphalt Paving & Seal Coating (PAV)
        • Billboard/Sign(BSC)
        • Commercial Building (CBC)
        • Commercial improvement CIC)
        • Concrete (CEM)
        • Drug, Lab, Remediation (DLR)
        • Drywall Company (DRY)
        • Electronic/Communication Service (ESC)
        • Environmental Monitoring Well (EMW)
        • Environmental Specialties (ENV)
        • Equipment/Machinery (EMC)
        • Farm Improvement (FIC)
        • Finish Carpentry (FIN)
        • Fire Alarm Systems (FAS)
        • Fire Suppression (FSP)
        • Flooring & Floor Covering (FLR)
        • Framing Sub (FRM)
        • Glass & Glazing (GLZ)
        • Highway/Heavy (H/H)
        • Home Improvement (HIC)
        • Industrial Building (IBC)
        • Insulation & Weather Stripping (INS)
        • Landscape Irrigation(ISC)
        • Landscape Services (LSC)
        • Marine Facility (MCC)
        • Masonry (BRK)
        • Painting & Wall Covering (PTC)
        • Recreational Facility (RFC)
        • Refrigeration (REF)
        • Residential Building (RBC)
        • Roofing (ROC)
        • Steel Erection (STL)
        • Swimming Pool Construction (POL)
        • Tile, Marble, Ceramic & Terrazzo (TMC)
        • Underground Utility & Excavating (UUC)
        • Vessel construction (VCC)
    9. Contractor licenses will be issued by the DPOR and sent via mail to the address provided on the application.