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Texas Asbestos Training Provider Contractor License

The Asbestos Training Provider Contractor License permits a business or individual to conduct activities such as:

  • Offer, schedule, and conduct any of the following courses for which the provider has received DSHS approval:
    • One or more asbestos training courses designed to meet accreditation requirements in accordance with the MAP
    • Asbestos Air Monitoring Technician course
    • Texas Asbestos Law and Rules
  • Give training to an individual who seeks a Model Accreditation Plan or a DSHS license
  • Provide training taught by only asbestos training instructors
  • Grant a training certificate at the conclusion of each training course
  • Issue a wallet-size photograph identification (ID) card to each trainee who has completed the course and passed the required examination

An Asbestos Training Provider MUST NOT:

  • Allow instructors to self-train in order to qualify for approval or accreditation
  • Combine course disciplines, hands-on training sessions, or other aspects of two courses
  • Impart an initial training course with a refresher training course
  • Fuse an Asbestos Abatement Worker course taught in one language with an Asbestos Abatement Worker course taught in another language
  • Permit a guest speaker to present more than 15% of a course or an unapproved instructor to teach an asbestos training course
  • Authorize an instructor to teach the Asbestos Abatement Worker course in a language other than English unless the instructor can speak, read, and write effectively in that language

How to Get the Asbestos Training Provider Contractor’s License in Texas?

  1. Comply with the requirements set forth for Asbestos Training Provider Contractor:
  2. Determine if the Asbestos Training Provider Contractor Application is available online
  3. Pay the corresponding application fee
  4. Await for a response from the Department after the application has been validated