Becoming a Qualifying Agent in Florida

A qualifying agent is someone who takes responsibility for the management of construction operations for a construction company in Florida. The Qualifying Agent is the person who the State identifies as being in-charge of all construction-related operations

Requirements to become a Qualifying Agent

The following are the requirements needed to become a Qualifying Agent

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • Obtain your Financial/Credit Check
  • Take your state Exam
  • Provide your Work and Education Experience
  • Obtain your Fingerprints
  • Obtain Public Liabilty and Property Damange Insurance
  • Pay the required Fee for the state application
  • Complete and Submit your application

Forms needed to become a Qualifying Agent

Liability of a Qualifying Agent

Being a qualifying agent you are liable before the state. You want to make sure you have the supervisory capacity. If one does not have the supervisory capacity needed, they will be liable for everything the business does in the form of construction. The qualifying agent will be responsible for fines, and even license revocation

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