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Texas Master Pump Installer License

The Master Pump Installer License allows you to perform the following work:

  • Pump installation and repair
  • On-site and general supervision of pump installation work

How to Get the Master Pump Installer License in Texas?

  1. Hold a current Pump Installer License
  2. Submit a completed Master Pump Installer License Application Form, an applicant must:
    1. Demonstrate achievement of ALL the endorsements related to the trade of choice, and completion of at least fifteen installations for EACH ONE of them. The following are the endorsements for the Master Pump Installer License:
      • Single Phase Pump (P)
      • Three Phase Pump (K)
      • Turbine Pump (T)
      • Windmill, Pump Jack, Hand Pump
    2. Select only the Master Pump Installer License on Section 14 of the application form, and pay the non-refundable fee for this upgrade to the Pump Installer License
    3. Provide proof of a minimum of 215 pump installations completed. For this purpose, an applicant may count the endorsement-related installations
    4. Present a minimum of two years of relevant experience and provide evidence of employment history alongside the Application Form by asking all supervising Pump Installers involved to fill out the Well Driller/Pump Installer Experience Verification Form. Multiple copies of this form can be used
  3. Expect the PSI© notification on the email provided on the form once the application has been received, reviewed and approved. With this communication, the applicant will be able to schedule a date and place for the exam
  4. Await for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to give a response once the application is completed and reviewed