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Texas Asbestos Management Planner Agency Contractor License

The Asbestos Management Planner Agency Contractor License permits the holder agency to employ the following Licensed contractors:

The contractors employed by a Licensed Asbestos Management Planner Agency can conduct surveys, and develop asbestos survey reports and management plans.

How to Get the Asbestos Management Planner Agency Contractor’s License in Texas?

  1. Comply with the requirements set forth for Asbestos Management Planner Agency Contractor:
    • Foreign and/or out-of-State Companies need to include a Secretary of State-issued Certificate of Authority or corresponding exemption
    • Every Company must provide proof of good standing with the Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts or a written exemption if given the case
    • Paperwork if operating under a DBA Certificate
    • Business Information Form
    • Copy of Management Planner ID Card for the responsible person
    • Recent Training Certificates and IDs if applicable, for:
      • Inspector
      • Management Planner
    • Coverage of Asbestos Abatement Liability Insurance (confirm amount) that includes both omissions and errors to cover the Asbestos Management Planners & Inspectors that have been employed
  2. Determine if the Asbestos Management Planner Agency Contractor Application is available online
  3. Pay the corresponding application fee
  4. Await for the Department response after the validation of the application