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Georgia Utility Manager License

The Utility Manager License allows you to oversight and manage the following work for any utility system:

  • Construction
  • Erection
  • Alteration
  • Repairing

How to Get the Utility Manager’s License in Georgia?

  1. Comply with ONE of the following experience requirements:
    • At least two years of experience as a licensed Utility Foreman in the State of Georgia
    • Equivalent experience as a manager or foreman in the field in another state and no less than three years of work performed in the construction, alteration, erection, or repair of utility systems at least five feet underground
  2. Complete the following Training Safety Courses (must be conducted in person):
    • Confined Space
    • Excavation
  3. Fulfill, notarize and submit the application form
  4. Pay the corresponding fee
  5. Attach the following documents:
    • Letter from each Employer (current and former) per the instructions on the application
    • Proof of Licensed Utility Foreman Experience
    • Three different references from people who know of the applicant’s utility experience to whom the Division may refer (Applicants must submit a notarized Reference Form)
    • Background Check (obtained through the local law enforcement agency)
    • Proof of Safety Courses
    • Disciplinary Action/Sanctions (if applicable):
      • Court Documents
      • Letter of Explanation
    • Secure & Verifiable Document
    • Affidavit of Citizenship
    • Immigration Documents (If applicable)
  6. Expect an answer from the Georgia State Board of Utility Contractors regarding the application

Georgia Utility Manager License Exam Prep Course

Georgia Utility Manager License Exam

Below is all the information related to the trade exam, including the official reference list.

Georgia Utility Manager Trade Exam

  • Testing Method: Computer-based testing; open book
  • Testing Company: PSI©
  • Number of Questions: 95
  • Types of Questions: Multiple choice
  • Time Allowed: 4 Hours
  • Minimum Passing Score: 56 Questions (70%)
  • Subjects Involved (No. of Questions):
    • Pretest (15) *Pretest questions do not affect the score
    • Regulations, Laws, and Administrative Functions (12)
      • Laws Compliance (4)
        • Workers’ Compensation
        • Americans with Disability Act (ADA)
        • Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board
        • State sales and use tax
        • Business license
      • Regulations Compliance (4)
        • Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Part 1926 (OSHA)
        • Local ordinances
        • Utility Protection Center (UPC)
        • Obtaining necessary permits; Inspections
        • Minority Business Enterprise/Women Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE)
        • Dewatering regulations and procedures
        • Soil and erosion control regulations
        • Department of Transportation (DOT)
        • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
        • Hazardous Communications (HAZCOM)
        • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
        • Department of Labor (DOL)
        • Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD)
        • Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA)
      • Administrative Requirements Compliance (4)
        • Bonding and liquidated damages
        • Insurance – liability, property damage, auto, etc.
        • Accident or incident reports
        • Job cost estimating and bidding procedures
        • Contracts and purchase orders
        • Inventory equipment, materials, and supplies
        • Licensing requirements for specialty and other subcontracts (electrical, blasting, etc.)
    • Technical Functions (68)
      • Job Planning (14)
        • Plan and Organize Work:
          • Compile a bill of materials from drawings and specifications (job takeoff)
          • Match equipment type and size to excavation requirements
          • Match supervision and labor to the job requirements
          • Analyze abilities of employees in terms of job requirements
          • Interpret pipe specifications (SDR 18, SDR 26, SDR 35, etc.)
          • Prepare and submit shop drawings
          • Schedule and manage project
          • Conduct preconstruction meetings with subcontractors
          • Interpret plans and layout project
          • Request location of existing underground utilities (UPC)
            • Document/verify the location of overhead utilities
        • Identify and subcontract specialty items
        • Prepare and/or submit an erosion control plan
        • Site Layout and Controls
          • Determine survey requirements
            • Verify elevations
            • Verify easements
            • Verify reference points
          • Perform construction staking
            • Verify existing utility location (above and below ground)
            • Verify/set elevation and alignment controls
      • Job Start-Up (12)
        • Equipment and Crew Mobilization:
          • Obtain necessary permits for routing
          • Move equipment and crew to a job site
        • Material Delivery and Storage:
          • Locate a site for material delivery
          • Verify material specifications
          • Distribute materials on site (string out)
          • Establish long-term storage requirements (security, deterioration, hazardous materials, etc.)
      • Line Work (14)
        • Trenching and Excavation Requirements:
          • Determine OSHA trenching and excavation requirements
          • Analyze soil conditions and interpret requirements
          • Determine dewatering methods
          • Determine rock removal procedures
          • Select shoring/sloping methods
          • Obtain certification for shoring methods
          • Perform excavation and trenching
          • Perform boring and jacking, and tunneling
        • Pipe Installation and Testing:
          • Follow bedding requirements (Type, Class, etc.)
          • Select line and grade procedure
          • Install pipe to line and grade
          • Infiltration and exfiltration
          • Pressure testing
          • Line sterilization
          • Air testing
          • Vacuum testing
          • Video inspection
          • Deflection testing
          • Cathodic protection requirements
          • X-ray testing
        • Backfill and Compaction:
          • Test soil conditions to determine method
          • Achieve specified compaction
          • Perform compaction test
          • Site Restoration and Protection:
            • Perform erosion and sediment control
            • Pretest/restore ground/land cover according to specifications
            • Restore asphalt and concrete paving
            • Tree protection plan
      • Concrete Work and Testing (4)
        • Perform formwork and locate pipe sleeves, etc.
        • Install reinforcement (rebar, etc.)
        • Pour concrete structures
        • Prepare test cylinders
        • Strip forms
        • Perform finishing operations
        • Concrete testing
      • Process Equipment Installation and Testing (4)
        • Install equipment:
          • Pipe: water, sewer, gas, etc.
          • Valves and hydrants
          • Pumps
          • Treatment
          • Instrumentation
          • Flow measuring
          • Electrical
          • Manholes and other precast structures
        • Test equipment for proper function and correct if necessary
        • Perform plant start-up and check-out period
      • Safety and Quality Control Programs (20)
        • Employee training programs (“competent person,” etc.)
        • Provide periodic general safety meetings
        • Monitor project safety and quality control
        • Provide required safety equipment
        • Hazardous Material/Hazard Communications (HAZMAT/HAZCOM)
  • PSI© Utility Manager Official Content Outline

Georgia Utility Manager Book Set

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Georgia Utility Manager Exam Books

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