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Does Alabama have Reciprocity Agreements with other States?

Any applicant holding a license in good standing in a comparable classification in another state recognized by the respective agency as a reciprocity state. May have the trade portion of the examination waived upon written certification from that state in which the applicant is licensed.

Application Process

When applying with the state of Alabama you have to file 30 days before you go to a board meeting they are only held bimonthly, all primes have to take business and law exam administered

Reciprocation States

States Alabama has Reciprocity with

  • Mississippi
  • Tennessee
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana

In order for you to be licensed in the state you would have to have been licensed for three years consecutively with the same classifications you want with the state of Alabama this is called verification of license included in the prime applications form when sending out the form you have to send it to the board of Alabama and send a current copy of your license in that state.

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