When is a Construction Contractor License in Alaska Needed?

Once someone is looking to do work that exceeds the state limit of work, they would need to start looking into obtaining a Contractor License for Alaska. It is unlawful for a person to submit a bid or work as a contractor until that person has been issued a certificate of registration by the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.

What kind of License would I need?

In some cases, it is required for a contractor to obtain an Alaska Residential Contractor Endorsement License if they are working on a building with greater than 25% of the cost. Still, if the contractor is performing work on a less than 25% project, then it is not required. This means that anybody performing construction, repair, alteration, or demolition of any fixed structure is required to seek out the proper license General Contractor With Residential Contractor Endorsement license: Alaska law states that general contractors who oversee new home construction or perform residential work more significant than 25% percent of the value of the structure being altered, must obtain a "residential contractor endorsement" as well.

What are the top License in Alaska?

The State of Alaska has three different License types for contractors.

  • Contractor License for Alaska-Allows contractors to perform commercial projects and residential projects, including new home construction and residential remodeling.
  • Mechanical Contractor License-Allows contractors to work in a variety of mechanical fields, such as heating, plumbing, refrigeration, and sheet metal. Mechanical contractors are limited to mechanical work and must have an administrator for the type of work they wish to perform.
  • Specialty Contractor License-Allows contractors to work on projects that require the knowledge of 3 or fewer trades, such as drywall, painting, roofing, siding, etc.

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