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Washington Temporary Elevator Mechanic License (09)

The Temporary Elevator Mechanic License (09) allows you to:

  • Perform the following work on the conveyances in the category for which the license is sought:
    • Installation
    • Alteration
    • Maintenance
    • Inspection
    • Relocation
    • Decommission
    • Removal
    • Repair

How to Get the Temporary Elevator Mechanic License (09) in Washington?

  1. Complete 75% of the education and experience requirements
  2. Reach out to the Labor & Industries Department to obtain the license

The Temporary Elevator Mechanic (Category 09) license is usually given to elevator trainees or apprentices enrolled in a qualifying program, qualified, out-of-state, licensed mechanics working temporarily in Washington, and qualified mechanics who are waiting on their permanent credentials to be approved by L&I. These licenses may be restricted to a specific conveyance or a geographical area. Note that a licensed elevator contractor must certify the licensee's qualifications and competency to obtain the license and that his license is only valid for a year, after which it may be renewed.