Trane Ductulator

The Trane Ductulator is a tool used for duct sizing. It provides the user with the dimensions for both rectangular and circular ducts as long a required air flow and air velocity are given.
DuctulatorTrane Ductulator

The Trane Ductulator is an accurate, easy-to-use calculating tool that helps in laying out air-handling systems, sizing ducts, and checking duct systems.

  • SKU: r299
  • Alternate Name: Trane Ductulator , 1976 or later
  • Alternate Name: The Trane Company, 8929 Western Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256.


Wednesday, 26 December 2018
This Trane Ductulator helped me so much with my exam ! It helped me a lot with the workout questions !
Jess Marie