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Texas Water Treatment Specialist Class I (WTS) Contractor License

The Water Treatment Specialist Class I (WTS) Contractor License allows you to do the following work while under the supervision of an individual holding a higher class license, a local Plumbing Inspector, or a Health Official:

  • Regeneration and exchange of portable tanks
  • Non-portable tanks regeneration
  • Additional and always directly-supervised tasks

How to Get the Water Treatment Specialist Class I (WTS) Contractor’s License in Texas?

  1. Read the different license exemptions:
    • Licensed Plumbers (Texas Operations Code, Chapter 1301)
    • Employees of industrial facilities where they install or service water treatment equipment
    • Employees of public water systems who install water treatment equipment at their system who hold a Class C License or higher
    • Employees of registered operations companies installing water treatment equipment at the facilities for which the operation company has a contract to operate and who hold a Class C License or higher
  2. Complete the Online Application for the Water Treatment License
  3. Submit the corresponding fee to the TCEQ
  4. Sign up for an exam at your Local TCEQ Regional Office or your Local Computer-Based Testing Center
  5. Await for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requirements verification and license approval

Texas Water Treatment Specialist Class I (WTS) Contractor License Exam

Below is all the information related to the trade exam.

Texas Water Treatment Specialist Class I (WTS) Contractor Trade Exam

  • Testing Method: Computer-based testing; closed book
  • Testing Company: TCEQ
  • Time Allowed: 3 Hours
  • Subjects Involved:
    • Wastewater
      • Definition
      • Sources
      • Estimated quantity
      • Physical and chemical characteristics
      • Collection
      • Treatment
    • Waste discharge permits and licensing of wastewater operators
    • Sewerage systems criteria
    • Minimum standards for design and construction of wastewater collection, pumping, treatment, and disposal systems
    • Physical, chemical and biological hazards for wastewater collection and pumping systems personnel
    • Safe procedures for collection and maintenance system personnel
    • Traffic control devices and their correct use in controlling both pedestrian and vehicular traffic around construction sites
    • Purpose and function of various components of typical gravity wastewater collection system
    • Knowledge of materials and standard practices utilized during construction, repair, and rehabilitation of wastewater collection system facility components
    • Inspection of both existing and new collection system facilities
    • Equipment, chemicals, and procedures used during cleaning and maintenance of collection system components
    • Tools, lubricants, techniques, and procedures used for maintenance and repair of wastewater collection equipment
    • Formulas and conversion factors to the solution of one or two step sample math problems relating to wastewater system construction and operation
  • TCEQ Water Treatment Specialist Class I (WTS) Official Content Outline