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Texas Structural Pest Control Technician License

The Structural Pest Control Technician License permits the licensee to do the following work under the direct supervision of a certified applicator:

  • Be employed as a commercial or noncommercial technician
  • Have a license for every business for which are employed or for whom perform pest control services
  • Inspection, identification and control of pests in (depending on the type of license: Commercial or Noncommercial):
    • Homes
    • Restaurants
    • Stores
    • Other buildings
    • Governmental entities
    • Apartment buildings
    • Day-care centers
    • Hospitals
    • Nursing homes
    • Hotels
    • Motels
    • Lodges
    • Warehouses
    • Food-processing establishments
    • Schools or educational institutions

How to Get the Structural Pest Control Technician License in Texas?

  1. Meet all the education and experience requirements for Structural Pest Control Technician:
    • Apprentice Card (a technician exam must be passed prior to the expiration date of the card)
    • Apprentice Training
    • Approved Technician Training Course
  2. Submit the Application for Technician License (for mailing purposes), or apply online
  3. Pay the corresponding fee
  4. Register for the applicable test
  5. Take the exam with PSI© and pass it with a score of 70% or higher
  6. Await for the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) notification once the application process for Structural Pest Control Technician has been successfully completed