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Texas Electrical Contractor License

The Electrical Contractor License permits you to perform the following work:

  • Install or repair ducts, raceways, or conduits for the reception or protection of wires or conductors
  • Design, install, erect, repair, or alter electrical wires, conductors, machinery, apparatus, or systems to be used for:
    • Light
    • Heat
    • Power
    • Signaling

How to Get an Electrical Contractor License in Texas?

  1. Employ and designate a Licensed Master Electrician, who can be the business owner
    • If the Master Electrician designated leaves the employment of the organization, this change must be notified to the department as soon as possible, and a new Master Electrician must be selected within the following thirty days
    • A single Master Electrician can be assigned to only one Electrical Contractor unless they own more than fifty percent of a later Electrical Contracting business
  2. Ensure the organization meets the required limits of business liability insurance and provide proof of this according to the TDLR standards by filling out and turning in an Electrical Contractor Certificate of Insurance Form alongside the license application
  3. Define the business’s stand regarding Workers Compensation insurance, either with proof of having obtained it, a certificate of authority to self-insure or a statement affirming that the choice has been made to not have Workers Compensation insurance. This is done pursuant to Subchapter A, Chapter 406, Labor Code
  4. Submit an Electrical Contractor or Electrical Sign Contractor License Application Form with the payment of the corresponding non-refundable fee to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation P.O Box 12157 in Austin, Texas 78711-2157
  5. After the application form and attached evidences are validated by the Department, the applicant will receive an official notification regarding further instructions for the licensure emission process