Ortho's All About Masonry Basics

This is a used book, used book pricing has been applied. Ortho's All About Masonry Basics is used extensively on most masonry contractor exams in Florida, as well as in tests for related trades.
Ortho's All About Masonry BasicsOrtho's All About Masonry Basics

This book provides an extremely helpful step-by-step approach to the masonry field. Whether you are a seasoned contractor, an apprentice, a journeyman, or a do-it-yourself enthusiast you will find something in this masonry book for you. It is also a great reference for masonry contractors preparing for the contractor exams for their license in masonry and related trades.

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  • Product GTIN: 9780897214384
  • ISBN-10: 0897214382
  • ISBN-13: 9780897214384
  • Number of Pages: 96 Pages
  • Author: Ortho Books, Larry Erickson
  • Publisher: Ortho Books
  • Alternate Name: Ortho's All About Masonry Basics


Wednesday, 24 November 2021
I was able to pass my exam with the help of this Masonry Basics book. I loved that Contractor Campus has their books in stock because it saved me time and I could start studying right away.
David Ramirez
Thursday, 06 December 2018
I swear Contractor Campus was so much help! They told me everything I needed to know! this book was in perfect condition when i purchased it
Jess Marie