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Nevada State Licensure by Endorsement & Equivalency Criterion

The Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB) offers the possibility of waiving the statewide examination requisite and the verification and certification process of previous work experience. These criteria are known to be required for candidates seeking to apply for a License by Endorsement. However, for the exemption and equivalence procedure to be approved, the user must meet and respect a series of conditions and be officially licensed in one of the States accepted by the State of Nevada.

Listed down below are the three minimum requirements established by the State that have to be abided by to initiate the application for a License by Endorsement:

  • Have an active license for at least four years, with the same qualified individual, and granted by a valid endorsing State
  • Do not have a contractor misconduct record, nor any of the following disciplinary actions taken by a State or Jurisdiction in which you have or have had a license: revocation, modification, limitation, suspension, etc.
  • Must not have a pending or ongoing disciplinary action or procedure taken by a State or Jurisdiction in which you have or have previously held a license

How to Apply for Licensure by Endorsement?

Once an individual can assure they meet the minimum requirements for the Licensure by Endorsement application, the next step is to formally file the request with the Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB). For this purpose, the Board has made it possible for candidates to Licensure by Endorsement to access the State License Equivalency Chart to confirm the eligibility of their certifications in Nevada.

After the candidate has verified their license is eligible to be endorsed in the State of Nevada, the endorsing State should fill out for them a Request for Verification of License form. This form will inquire about the method and status of the licensee's certifications, and it must be completed by the endorsing State’s equivalent agency to the NSCB, NOT by the candidate themselves.

The completed Request for Verification of License form should be submitted alongside with the Application for Contractor’s License. While filling out their application, candidates should remember to mark their request as a Licensure by Endorsement on Section 9 of the form.

NASCLA® Examination Waiver

The National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA®) was established as a confluence of licensing entities in different states to facilitate the process of multi-state certification with a standardized exam, valid in any of the associated states for the equivalent contractor’s license.

A candidate who is applying for a Contractor’s License in the classification of General Building is enabled to present proof of a passing score on the NASCLA® Commercial General Building Contractor Examination to the Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB). If confirmed by the Board, this will automatically waive the related trade exam requirement.

The candidates will be able to access the NASCLA® National Examination Database (NED) to check their own score on this test. In case it is their wish, the candidates will also have the option to purchase a transcript of their score and share it electronically with the NSCB.

Authorized States for Endorsement Licensure with Nevada

Please click on the authorized State where you hold a current and active license to be redirected and view the corresponding equivalency chart, trades that apply, and details about additional requirements. You may also click on the State’s postal abbreviation if you wish to learn more about their official Contractor trades and licensure process.

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