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Michigan 60 hours Contractor's Prelicensure Course

Taking 60 hours of approved Prelicensure Education courses will assist the applicant in being eligible for a Michigan Individual Residential Builder or Maintenance and Alteration Contractor license before taking the exam or submitting a license application to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).

Prelicensure Education course subjects

  • At least 6 hours in each subject must be included within the 60 hours of approved pre-license courses:
    • Business Management, Estimating, and Job Costing (6 hrs)
    • Marketing and Sales (6 hrs)
    • Design and Building Science (6 hrs)
    • The Michigan Residential Code (6 hrs)
    • Project Management and Scheduling (6 hrs)
    • Contracts, Liability, and Risk Management (6 hrs)
    • MIOSHA Construction Safety Standards (6 hrs)
    • The rest of the subjects can come from other topics on the approved course list (18 hrs)

Approved Prelicensure Courses for the state of Michigan

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