How does House Bill 735 Affect me in Lee County?

Lee county contractors are wondering how they will be impacted by the passage of House Bill 735 in Florida. This article has been created to monitor and update Lee county’s response to this new law. If you have any questions or information to contribute, we encourage you to post a comment below. All questions will be promptly answered to the best of our ability.

Lee County is no longer regulating local licenses. Applicants with a Contractor license will expire on June 30th, 2023. Applicants wanting to obtain a license must contact the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation at 850-487-1395. Pool enclosures, Electrical, Plumbing, Windows & Doors, Fences, Structural, etc., will require a state license.


# Patrick Deleacaes 2021-12-12 20:19
In an email I received from Lee County, it says that my license will be intact until September of 2022 NOT 2023. When I asked them what I will do moving forward, I got no answer. When I emailed my State reps, I got no answer. Everyone in my field is trying to find out if the State will require us to take another test? or will the test we previously had taken, remain intact?
# Stephanie M. 2021-12-13 09:11
Hello Patrick Deleacaes,
Unfortunately, your license will expire after September; however, you will be able to go for the state equivalent of your trade. For example, suppose you had a roofing contractor's license for collier county. In that case, you will now need to have a roofing contractor license for the state of Florida or a residential contractor license hope this answered your question. If you need more help, feel free to contact us at 1-866-986-7978
# Renee 2023-01-03 06:54
Received from lee
County that specialty structure wont be renewed and have been state registered For 30 yrs and wont grandfather ?
# Sharilyn Baez 2023-01-03 08:43
Hello Renne,
In order to continue working, you will need to obtain the Florida State Specialty Structure Contractor License. You can use your work experience to satisfy the requirements that are needed in order to be licensed. On the following link, you will be able to find more information on how to obtain the FL Specialty Structure Licence.
# jeff bender 2021-12-13 17:09
Please advise, are you now saying that irrigation contractors MUST go take a new state exam after all these years we been licensed to test again at the cost of what looks like $2000 or more ???
# Idalia S. 2021-12-14 13:45
Hi Jeff Bender! To get more information on how this bill will impact your irrigation contractors' license in Lee County, you should reach out to the county directly; their contact information is on the link below.

If you are interested in obtaining a State license, you may visit the link below.
# Ken green 2022-01-18 23:37
I have had my irrigation license since 2003! I was told by the state of Florida there is on state irrigation license! 10 years my local license will be gone! For the guys who had no choice back then we need to be grandfathered in…we should not have to pay again.
# Idalia S. 2022-01-19 09:32
Hi Ken! For the entire state of Florida, you must have a Florida Irrigation Contractor license if your business consists of the execution of contracts requiring the experience, financial means, knowledge, and skill to work on or, if not prohibited by law, design irrigation systems. You will need to pass the Irrigation and Business exam. We offer online courses and books to help prepare you for these exams. I will attach a link below with more information on the scope of work allowed and requirements to qualify you for this license.
# Patrick Deleacaes 2022-01-19 11:18
I now have in my possession email correspondence from the DBPR Florida stating, unless you are working tbroughout the State OR working before the backflow device, you do NOT need a contractors license any longer to do irrigation. That is why irrigation was put in a folder called "specialty" contractor.
# Idalia S. 2022-01-19 15:49
Hi Patrick! If you need any type of study material for the Irrigation License, we are more than happy to assist you. Regarding what you may or may not need, please contact the DBPR for more information.
# Ron Rooker 2022-08-17 06:18
I just received my final competency license from Lee County for painting. Above the license it states.

The Lee County Board of County Commissioners approved a plan to phase out local licensing, consistent
with House Bill 735. All local licenses will expire June 30th, 2023 and will not be renewed. As such,
please find your final Lee County Certificate of Competency below. Please keep this document/file in a
safe place.
Effective July 1st, 2023, to perform work in unincorporated Lee County, contractors must have a
State-issued license.
Thank you, Lee County Contractor Licensing, 239-533-8895

However to my understanding there is no state license required for painting. Is this correct?
# Aengels G. 2022-08-17 11:07
Hello Ron,

You will be able to go for the state equivalent of your trade. For painting in the state of Florida, you can obtain a Residential or General Contractor license, we have the books and classes to prepare you to pass the trade and business exam. For more information click the links below.
# Juliana 2022-08-18 13:00
Good evening,

I would like an explanation of how a residential or general contractor is the equivalent to painting?

For this state issue licenses you must have experience :
Column Erection
Foundation/Slabs/Structural Formwork
Masonry Walls
Structural Demolition
Structural Wood Framing
Including Trusses
Excluding Platform Framing

Most if not all have have absolutely nothing to do with painting.
# Aengels G. 2022-08-18 13:21
Hello Juliana,

The county has more trade-specific licenses but the state does not, so although the painting scope is not listed in the Residential and General contractor license, those licenses cover a wide variety of scopes.
# harold glancy 2022-08-18 14:10
does that mean i will lose my jourynmen license or is that going to be a state license
# Aengels G. 2022-08-18 14:24
Hello Harold,

Yes, after July of 2023 you will need to get a State equivalent license. For more information on Florida contractor licenses click the link below.
# Judy 2022-08-29 10:01
So to install cabinets, the counties wont require licensing after June 2023 and the state either? So that means Anybody can install cabinetry into a home without any requirements. Seems same for Painting, Driveway installs etc. That is a scary thought when they speak so much about Not allowing Unlicensed contractors into your home. Any thoughts as both owners have done the Competency testing and that wont be required anymore it seems.
# Aengels G. 2022-08-29 14:40
Hello Judy,

After July 2023, the county will want you to get a state reciprocal license. So to do cabinetry in a home you will need to obtain either a Residential license or a General License, which do require experience. We have the books and classes to prepare you to pass the trade and business exams. For more information on those license please click the link below.
# Patrick Shane Myers 2022-09-20 13:52
I have been a journeyman electrician for 30 yrs. I use my certification to work out of country. Are you telling me that my certification will no longer be any good and I will have to go take a state exam to have a license at all?
# Sharilyn Baez 2022-09-20 14:59
Hi Patrick,
Lee County is no longer accepting Certificate of Competency for any licenses. If you want to legally work you will need to do the State Exam for a Contractor License. A State Equivalent would be an Unlimited Electrical or Limited Energy (Low Voltage) Contractor License. Below is a link for each where you can find information regarding how to obtain it.
# Mike H 2023-01-18 14:06
Governor Desantis (In my opinion) signed this bill prematurely and obviously without thorough study as to the negative ramifications it has caused. I have been a specialty marine contractor for 33 years and I am 65. So now, no Grandfather Clause is in effect (Other than inside of five years for some reason). I have to run around trying to pass a test that I already took and passed 33 years ago? That is not right. What a mess.
# Lizbeth Gonzalez 2023-01-18 15:50
Hello Mike,

The Florida House Bill 735 goes into effect on July 2023 and no longer regulation county licenses. To continue working for Lee county, you would need to obtain a state equivalent Marine Contractor License. We are the construction school and bookstore that offers books and classes for your contractor's license.

To obtain the Marine Contractor License, you must pass the Trade and Business exams. We have classes and books to prepare you to pass both of these exams.

With our courses, you can start studying online the same day you register. You can study at your own pace and have unlimited access to your study material. I have attached a link with more information for the Florida Marine Contractor License. You can also give us a call at 866-986-7978 and we will be able to assist you in your process of obtaining a State Contractor License.
# LuisG 2023-02-02 16:35
I am currently preparing myself to take the county (Lee) construction license specifically Aluminum Without Concrete, which is the installation of screened enclosures, performed panel-post, beam roofs, siding, soffit, fascia, gutters, woodwork incidental to the aluminum construction work. How this Bill will affect me?
# Aengels G. 2023-02-03 11:31
Hello Luis,
Due to the House bill, Lee County is no longer regulating local licenses. We recommend you obtain a Specialty Structure license, to be able to legally engage in contracts involving the following type of work you stated above.

We have the books and classes to prepare you to pass the trade and business exams for that license.

For more information please click on the link below for the Florida Specialty Structure Contractor License.
# Tracy 2023-02-12 12:22
Can you tell me what exactly I need to paint locally in Lee County? I have 20 + years of experience and want to start my own company. There seems to be mixed messaging as to what is required to start and maintain licensing.
# Aengels G. 2023-02-13 13:48
Hello Tracy,
As of July 1st, 2023, Lee county is no longer regulating contractor licenses. Although it is not required to have a Painting license, we recommend you to obtain a State contractor license to be legally able to work, because a client or company may required a person to have a contractor license to completed the work. The state reciprocal would be a Residential, General or Building.
We have the books and classes to prepare you to pass the trade and business exams. For more information please click the links below.
# derek meyers 2023-03-08 17:53
Hello Team

Checking in to see if Site Grading for residential new home construction will require a license moving ahead.

Site Grading includes supply fill dirt to vacant lots and grading fill dirt in preparation for the house slab and foundation to be poured by another concrete contractor.

Our team is only looking to do site grading.

Thank you!
# Sharilyn Baez 2023-03-09 13:54
Hello Derek, yes, you would need a Contractor License to do the scope of work you listed above. We recommend obtaining the Florida General Contractor License. The Florida GC license will allow you an Unlimited height and scope of work. Below I have attached a link with information on how to obtain the license. If you have any questions on how to start your licenses process, you can give us a call at 866-986-7978.
# derek meyers 2023-03-09 14:01
Hello Sharilyn

Thank you for the response.

The GC license I am told requires 4 + years of experience in building commercial buildings 4 + stories in height. I do not have 4+ years experience building projects that are 4+ stories in height.

My experience does qualify me for the residential general license.

Would the residential general contractor license allow for site grading on residential homes?

Thank you again. Really appreciate the help.
# Sharilyn Baez 2023-03-09 14:24
Yes, you will be able to obtain the Florida Residential Contractor license. I have attached a link where you can find more information.
# derek m 2023-03-09 14:59
Hello Team

Checking in if pool rescreening and screen repairs require a license to operate.

Not erecting the structure - just rescreening and repairing damaged pool screens.

Thank you
# Sharilyn Baez 2023-03-09 15:23
Hello Derek, yes a Contractor License is needed. We recommend obtaining the Florida Specialty Structure Contractor License in order to do pool rescreening and screen repairs.
# Susan 2023-03-20 11:35
We are a Landscape Contractor (NOT maintenance company) this means we install plants, trees etc. Will we need a state license? Thank you!!
# Claudia Soto 2023-03-21 11:13
Hello Susan, In the State of Florida, you would not need a State Contractor License for that scope of work.

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