How do I convert my County License to a State License?

There is no way to convert Licenses in the State of Florida. If you want to obtain a State License and currently hold a County License, please refer to the information below.

County Licenses

In Florida, you can pass your license from one county to another if the county you wish to reciprocate allows it, but you always want to call that county you would like to work in and verify as not all counties reciprocate.

Steps to Reciprocate

  1. First, call the county you would like to work in
  2. Verify that they reciprocate your county license
  3. Once you verify you will have to fill an application and pay a fee (The county you would like to work in will let you know how much the fee is)

State Licenses

When two states have a reciprocal license agreement, each state's licensing board agrees to recognize professionals accepted by the other. This general contractor reciprocity by the state doesn't guarantee that all contractors are recognized. Instead, it's specific by licensing type.

For example, if you have an Arizona license code A-21 for Landscaping and Irrigation Systems, California will accept that as equal to a Landscaping license code C-27. That doesn't authorize you to do any contracting that falls outside the C-27 code.

Florida Statutes provide for licensure by endorsement as an option. However, authorization by endorsement is not guaranteed. License by endorsement requires board approval. Apart from the endorsement option, the individual must be scheduled to appear before the board. These types of meetings are held monthly.

Applicants must provide the following:

  • Proof of having passed a national state
  • or U.S. Regional examination that is substantially similar to the Florida Examination.
  • Regarding Insurance
  • Credit
  • Finances
  • Net Worth
  • Etc.

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