How to get a Georgia Contractor's License?

During the application process, you will have to include proof of your education or experience gained out on the field. The person who wants to obtain a contractor's license has to meet one of the following requirements.

  • A four-year degree from a university or college in architecture, engineering, building construction, or project management. If you have anything similar, it may be acceptable. Still, to verify, you always want to call your state. Along with that, you will also need one year of work experience in the construction field is required. This employee has to be under the supervision of a licensed worker at all times.
  • College-level academic courses from an accredited college or university plus provable experience that would be similar to at least four years of university work
  • A minimum of four years of proable work experience in the construction trades at least two needs to be working for a general contractor one year must also be in the failed engineering, administration, supervision, project management, accounting, or marketing.
  • To prove education, applicants must submit an official diploma, transcript, or certificate issued by the school in a sealed envelope for the first two options.

Who needs a Contractor License ?

To start off getting a contractor license, you must first recognize the scope of work you do and pick one of the licenses Georgia has for contractors

  • General Contractor: Unlimited in the type of work you can do or contract for, a general contractor can develop, remodel, or perform any other general contracting duties on residential or commercial properties.
  • Residential Basic Contractor: Performs work on family homes with a two-family residence or townhouse maximum.
  • Residential Light Contractor: Performs the same work as a residential basic contractor, restricted to multifamily and multi-residential properties.

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