Do I need to Retake the Business and Finance Exam ? ​

Suppose you already hold an active contractor license.If your Business exam are issued by the same license board, you do not need to retake the it.If you have any license that falls under the Construction Board and would like any license that falls under the Electrical, you would need to retake the Business and Finance exam again.

State Vs. County

You have an unlimited number of attempts within the four years. If you do not pass within the four years, please contact the state to verify what actions you would take next. Suppose you have registered for more than one examination date, and you pass the examination. In that case, you will not be refunded any registration fees you have paid for future examinations. If you have scheduled a review, you may not take an exam within twenty-one (21) days of the review date.If you hold a county license and would like state licenses, you would need to take the business and Finance exam.

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