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Georgia Utility Foreman License

The Utility Foreman License allows you to do the following work:

  • Organize and supervise the overall construction of a particular project for a particular contractor

How to Get the Utility Foreman’s License in Georgia?

  1. Meet the experience requirements:
    • A minimum of one year of experience in alteration, construction, erection, or repair of utility systems at least five feet underground
  2. Complete the following Training Safety Courses (must be conducted in person):
    • Confined Space
    • Excavation
  3. Submit an application form by mail or online (the application must be notarized)
  4. Pay the corresponding fee
  5. Send the required documents:
    • notarized letter from each Employer (current and former) with the company letterhead listing the experience record to verify knowledge in this trade for the minimum duration required for certification
    • Background Check (obtained through the local law enforcement agency)
    • Proof of Safety Courses
    • Disciplinary Action/Sanctions (if applicable):
      • Court Documents
      • Letter of Explanation
    • Secure & Verifiable Document
    • Affidavit of Citizenship
    • Immigration Documents (If applicable)
  6. Expect an answer from the Georgia State Board of Utility Contractors regarding the application