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Georgia Synthetic Sports Turf Limited Service Specialty Contractor License

The Synthetic Sports Turf Limited Service Specialty Contractor License allows you to do the following work:

  • Install:
    • Perimeter drain line, typically tied into the existing drop inlets
    • Geotextile fabric over the subgrade and perimeter drain
    • Flat panel drainage system
    • Recessed curb to provide proper means for turf attachment
    • Clan stone base in two layers
    • Synthetic turf system (synthetic turf and infill)
  • Complete excavation of organic/existing materials, approximately 8” below finished height of an existing track
  • Laser grade the subgrade to .5% to 1% slope from the middle of the field

How to Get the Synthetic Sports Turf Limited Service Specialty Contractor’s License in Georgia?

For all Limited Service & Traditional Specialty Contractors listed under the Georgia Secretary of State does not require a contractor's license. However, these contractors must have a valid permit and comply with any legal requirements for their specialty trade that their county requires. In some cases, if the county offers a contractor license for that trade, they must hold the license to perform work in that specific county, therefore we advise them to contact the county for more information. If their county has no special requirements and they hold a valid permit, the specialty contractor can work for a residential or general contractor and perform the work directly with the owner without being a licensed residential or general contractor.